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Labor Day Shopping Guide

  • , by Sunny Sequeira

Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you have to put your grill away. Kick off September with a bang by grilling it up on Labor Day with these TLP-approved staples. 

Wisham Jellies Blazin' Blueberry Jelly


Wisham's Blazing Blueberry Pepper Jelly combines sweet and spicy for a flavor you’ll love. Use it to glaze pork chops or beef tenderloin on the grill for a pleasant kick or enjoy on baked brie cheese and biscuits. 

Big Delicious Variety Dip Trio

BIG DELICIOUS DIP TRIO from Big Delicious Brand

Don’t waste time trying to decide which dip your friends and family will like best. Big Delicious has you covered with three distinct bold flavors. Whether it’s Pineapple and Country Ham or Carolina Sausage, you have the makings for chips and dip, stuffed jalapeño poppers, or elevated nachos.


Lillie's of Charleston Southern Spice Bundle

HOT GIFT PACK | from Lillie's of Charleston

These all-natural sauces and rubs bring a lot of heat. The Hissy Fit Hot Spice Dry Rub makes everything from seafood to vegetables better with its spice. The hot sauce pairs well with eggs for a strong start to the day and the award-winning Mustard BBQ Sauce hits the back of your throat with its tang. 

Andouille sausage links from Pine Street Market

ANDOUILLE SAUSAGE | from Pine Street Market

These top-quality handmade sausages are flavored with chilies, garlic, and allspice, so you don’t have to worry about seasoning. Throw them on a bun or pair with peppers, beans, and rice. There’s no hormones or antibiotics here! 

Clark + Hopkins Chesapeake Bloody Mary Mix in bottle and cocktail


This jalapeño pepper mix joins tomato juice and hot sauce for a zesty bloody mary. Combine with vodka, gin, or a splash of beer for a delicious start to your Labor Day festivities. 

Pickled Pink Four Pack


Save time on pickling fruits and vegetables with these already packaged jars of staples like peaches and jalapeños. Top on sausages or ice cream or have them on their own as a side. They’re sure to elevate any meal. 

Perfectly Cordial Tropical Sour mixer

TROPICAL SOUR from Perfectly Cordial

Don’t let the end-of-summer vibes fool you, we know it’s still hot. This cordial is a great way to cool down. With lemon, lime, cane sugar, and cozy spices, you can sip on a taste of fall while still soaking up the last days of summer. 

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