Healthy New Year's Resolutions

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You don’t need a juice cleanse or gym membership to start the year on a healthy note. Shopping locally sourced foods and ingredients and incorporating a few easy practices into your daily routine can promote well-being and become an enduring part of your lifestyle. Whether you actively keep New Year’s resolutions or simply want to ease into a lighter lifestyle after the holidays, these Southern-made wellness products from the Local Palate Marketplace make your new habits easy and delicious.

Dry January

New Year's Resolutions

Go beyond the soft drinks of yesteryear with non-alcoholic beverages in 2022. Whether you participate in Dry January or prefer to keep it sober in general, you join cocktail hour with a delicious, booze-free beverage in hand. Bourbon lovers and dark spirit aficionados can reach for Spiritless Kentucky 74. This non-alcoholic distilled dark spirit channels caramel, vanilla, and oaky notes reminiscent of Southern whiskey. Use it in hot toddies, old fashioneds, Sazeracs, or sip it neat for a lighter winter warmer. 



Healthy New Year's Resolutions


 Not one for dark liquor? We love channeling refreshing, tropical warmth with better-for-you fresh fruit syrups from Perfectly Cordial. Mix the Hibiscus Honeycomb simple syrup with sparkling water and serve it on the rocks for a bright cocktail that tastes like a getaway to somewhere warm and sunny. The syrup also mixes well with vodka and tequila for anyone who prefers it boozy.

New Year's Resolutions to Boost Immunities

Healthy New Year's Resolutions

Speaking of beverage mixing, Sweet's Elderberry Shrub supports your immune system and multifunctions as a cocktail and mocktail mixer, however, you can also enjoy the naturally sweetened syrup with sparkling water to recreate a healthier alternative to soda. Made with organic elderberries, apple cider vinegar, and ginger, this shrub lends sweet, berry notes and a vibrant purple color to drinks. However, you can also take doses of it by the spoonful.

Reduce Inflammation

Healthy New Year's Resolutions

Did a month of cookies, cheese, and rich foods leaving you feeling sluggish and maybe just sort of “meh”? Us, too, but we’re sorting our systems back with one of our favorite underrated tonics—golden milk. Infused with turmeric, this rejuvenating elixir relieves inflammation and contains antibacterial and antiviral properties—exactly what we need to face flu season. While you could make it from scratch, J.T. Copper’s Golden Turmeric Syrup provides a quick shortcut (just warm it with milk!) and contains all additional spices and a subtle sweetness.


New Year's Resolution: Half Caff, Full Flavor

Healthy New Year's Resolution

We know you love that morning cup of coffee . . . and the one after that. But, if you find yourself dealing with jitters, anxiety, and insomnia, you may need to reassess your relationship. There’s no need to part with your morning ritual in order to reduce your caffeine intake. The Red Rooster Night Owl Half-Caff roast, from Floyd Virginia, lets you fill your cup and drink it, too, with lighter effects. Full of flavor and body, this earthy and aromatic coffee makes the lack of caffeine unnoticeable. 


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