Meet the Maker: Jaime Foster of Georgia Grinders

  • , by Ryan Norris

Georgia Grinders, Georgia’s first organic nut butter company, was established in 2012 by Jaime Foster, and it paved a new path for the Peanut State and the entire nut butter industry. 

It began as a passion project for Foster—a way to celebrate her love for fitness, health, and wellness. The inspiration to start her own nut butter company came from Foster’s grandfather. Back in the 1970s, he formulated his own blend of almond butter for one simple reason: to eat cleaner and live longer. 

With a family history of cardiovascular disease and losing both of his brothers at the age of 50, Foster’s grandfather was determined to extend his life long enough to see his children and grandchildren prosper. His dedication to clean and simple eating paid off, and he lived to be 97. He even saw Foster turn their family nut butter into a full-fledged business. 

In honor of him, Foster made her grandfather’s almond butter recipe Georgia Grinders’ flagship product. Before almond butter was even a blip on the radar or healthy eating was even being discussed, this delicious nut butter was being offered with no added sugar or oils and was meant to be used with anything sweet or savory you could get your hands on. 

Using feedback from family and friends, Foster perfected an already top-notch product into a true Southern staple, ready to elevate appetizers, cocktails, desserts, and more. She even expanded the Georgia Grinders product line over the years to include other flavors, like maple caramel butter and pecan butter, which she prefers to eat straight out of the jar. 

Georgia Grinders’ manufacturing facility is located in Atlanta, and Foster’s team does everything themselves in-house. Since beginning the business in 2012, the nut butters’ success allowed Foster to grow it to include eight full-time employees. Georgia Grinders is a Whole30-branded partner and is regularly referenced in cookbooks, by health bloggers, and even Foster’s alma mater, the University of Georgia.

Above all, Foster takes pride in Georgia Grinders playing a leading role in the nut butter evolution and is looking forward to continuing to grow the brand while increasing her presence across the United States.  

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