Foodie-Approved Stocking Stuffers

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy
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Tis the season too deck the halls and stock the shelves . . . of the pantries that is. While the term “pantry” may evoke notions of dry goods, tinned fish, and canned vegetables, the Southern pantry on the Local Palate Marketplace makes a compelling case to give those shelves an epicurean update. Pickled and preserved goods, hot sauce, meat marinades, and specialty sugar from Southern artisans turn humble pantry meals into elevated feasting and drinking. The best part? The small size of these items makes them perfect for slipping into stockings for the foodies and chefs over the holiday.

Food Stocking Stuffers

Herbert’s Wine Jelly

These jellies modeled after wines and cocktails come in red wine trios and white wine trios for a oenophile-approved gift. $30

Wallowing Whistlepig Collard Green-Jalapeno Hot Sauce

A medium hot sauce with a name and flavor profile that can’t get any more Southern. Try it over greens, beans, or in chili. $10

Beautiful Briny Sea Mr. Gigglepants Hibiscus Sugar

Give your sweets and cocktails a taste and appearance of tropical vibrancy with this fun hibiscus and citrus topping. $15

Beautiful Briny Sea Pocketful of Starlight Vanilla Sugar

Made with the finest Madagascar vanilla beans and cane sugar, enjoy sprinkling this blend anywhere you want a touch of sweetness. $15

Bertie County Boiled Peanuts

These chewy, classic-style peanuts are salty like the coastal county they come from, situated along the Chowan River in North Carolina. $10

Apis Mercantile Orange Blossom Honey

A mono-floral honey, which means nearly all of the nectar collected came from orange blossoms. The sleek package and squat size makes it an ideal size to occupy an office desk drawer for a midday sugar boost. $14

 Bootlikker Hot Sauce

This heated and flavorful sauce is made with tequila for an additional twang. $8

Mark & Jerry’s Most Excellent Steak Sauce

The name is no lie, this tangy and sweet sauce is formulated for flavor. $9

Pickled Pink Variety Pack

Get your mid-winter pickle fix with a variety of crisp peaches, beets, jalapeños, and pickles preserved to remind you of warmer days. $30

Food stocking stuffers

Bertie County Peanuts

Red Hot Hexlena and Dill Pickle—take your pick between spicy or sour. These peanuts are coated in seasoning for a filling and flavorful snack. $14

Flavors of Ernest Hemingway Havanna BBQ Sauce

Latin-inspired herbs and spices create a sweet and savory sauce with a light bite. $9

Burnt and Salty Spicy Korean Mustard

A Charleston-made, versatile condiment that will nix mayo and mustard from your regular lineup. $10

AR’s Hot Southern Honey

Sweet and spicy, this honey is for drizzlin’ over biscuits and fried chicken, but feel free to get creative and add it to vinaigrettes, cocktails, and marinades. $10


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