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Best Gifts for the Chef

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy

If the chefs in your kitchen are anything like those in our households, it’s probably safe to say that the kitchen is their domain, and they relish wielding their command over it. Some of them welcome assistance. Other shoo anyone who dares to interfere with their work. However, any form of meal preparation can have its stressful moments, no matter how experienced the cook—from forgetting a key ingredient to setting off the smoke detector. Set your chef up for success with a well-stocked arsenal for all their culinary activities. From premium oils to gourmet spice blends and handmade knives to the editor’s latest cookbook, these foodie-approved essentials from the Local Palate Marketplace will dazzle the chef this holiday.

These Gifts are *Chef's Kiss*

Gifts for chefs


Essential Spice Premium White Truffle Oil

Give this to the chef who loves a challenging recipe and has strong opinions about the best oil to use when sautéing. Drizzle this decadent oil over salads, soups, and pastas for an umami-packed finish.

Gifts for chefs

Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil

The chef who never has enough olive oils will love this earthy, smoky evo made in Charleston. The oil gets cold-smoked with hickory that marries well with roasted meats. However, the bold chef will love it as dip for crusty bread.

Gifts for chefs

Spiceology Holiday Rub Essential

Behind every great meal is an ample spice cabinet. Giving someone cinnamon or paprika alone can feel a little plain jane, but carefully curated blends feel much more . . . well, spicy. This set features seasonally inspired rubs and blends that add flavor to your kitchen activities, from cookie baking and mulled wine and roasted meats.

Gifts for chefs

Middleton Made Knives 8” Echo Chef Knife

A cutting-edge chef’s knife stands out as a thoughtful gift that that’s both attractive and highly practical. Middleton Made Knives make meal prep a breeze, and the AEB-L stainless steel blade provides clean and trim slices during meat carving.

Gifts for chefs

Oysters XO Chef’s Choice Oysters 3-month Subscription

Southern foodies know that a bushel of oysters holds a keystone role in all winter festivities. A three-month subscription to oyster shipments results in stylish, unfussy entertaining all season long. Selected each month by expert Rifko Meier, each subscription is customized to give recipients a taste of the oysters nearest their region.

Gifts for chefs

The Row 34 Cookbook

Find inspiration for way to use all those oysters (and other seafood) with this recently released cookbook, co-authored by the Local Palate editor-in-chief, Erin Byers Murray. It shares the stories and recipes from a beloved neighborhood oyster bar, Row 34. In addition to recipes, it includes handy how-to’s, such as savvy for buying seafood to smoking fish, that chefs will love.

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  • A brownie with a scoop of ice cream

    , by Amber Chase Georgia Grinders Pecan-Peanut Butter Brownies

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