5 Gifts for Mother’s Day

  • , by Amber Chase
  • 2 min reading time

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, the Local Palate Marketplace offers the perfect selection of thoughtful gifts for mom. Whether drinks or pottery, Marketplace provides a selection of products crafted by Southern business owners. Here are our top five gifts to buy for mom this Mother’s Day. 

Storied Goods’ Rose Petal Sugar Cubes

Using pure cane sugar and organic edible rose petals, these sugar cubes are an excellent addition to tea, champagne, or any other sparkling wine. With only one teaspoon of sugar per cube, moms will love the touch of sweet floral notes these curated cubes add to their favorite drinks. As an award-winning product, these sugar cubes are sure to elevate any special occasion.  

Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup

The perfect addition to drinks, smoothies, and recipes, moms everywhere love this syrup because it boosts a healthy immune system while remaining tasty. Blending organic elderberries, raw honey, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup ensures protection against viruses and bacteria. Moms will love the versatility and family-friendliness of this must-have product year-round. 

Daysie’s Seasonal Trio 3-Pack

In their best-selling trio, Daysie features their flagship and seasonal simple syrup flavors: salted caramel, cake batter, and coconut almond. Daysie uses all natural ingredients and no added preservatives for a healthy addition to any drink. If your mom loves to add a splash of flavor to her morning coffees (or evening cocktails!), this set is the perfect gift for her. 

Haand’s Sharing Bowl

This white speckled porcelain bowl is the perfect gift for moms looking to elevate their family-style dinner experiences. Each bowl crafted by Haand is handmade to be durable and fit for everyday use. Moms who love simplistic but elegant centerpieces are sure to enjoy this craftsmen sharing bowl. 

Oliver Pluff and Company’s English Breakfast Teabags

Combining history and tea, Oliver Pluff and Co. provides a taste of the past with every sip of their award-winning teabags. With each hand packaged tin, Oliver Pluff and Co. transports you back in time with a short blurb depicting the history behind the tea. Their English Breakfast teabags will give mom the perfect start to her mornings with a hearty black tea blend. 


Written by Kailyn Holty

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