Carolina Brewery

Carolina Dry Rub

Now they have broadened their creations from the beverage world to that of another Southern favorite: BBQ. Drawing influence from the renowned Eastern North Carolina style BBQ, these masterminds have found the sweet spot for dry rubs. Combining salts, spices, heat, and produced right at home in North Carolina, the Carolina Brewery team has mastered yet another delicacy.

Carolina Brewery’s Carolina-Style Rub is great to massage into your meet before you cook it and after it comes off the heat. Don’t limit yourself to pork, though. Cover your seafood, beef, and chicken with the dry rub to add a sweet and spicy flavor that not every seasoning can bring to the table. Transform your chicken wings with the gritty texture and savory flavor of the rub. Get creative and rim your next bloody mary glass with the rub to set your cocktail game apart from all the rest.

Be sure to pair the Carolina-Style Rub with the Carolina Style BBQ Sauce as the winning gift for any home chef or pitmaster. The rub is packaged in an 8.4 fluid ounce shaker – more than enough to last you, but we suggest stocking up in advance.

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