Bourbon Barrel Foods

Bourbon Smoked Pepper


Use Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Pepper as your main seasoning for meats. The pepper is made from quarter cracked Malabar pepper. It’s slowly smoked using old barrel staves–wooden planks of the barrel–that once aged some of Kentucky’s best bourbons. This packs flavors of smoke and bourbon. You will be entranced by the aroma upon opening the tin. The heavenly mix creates a taste that’s pungent, biting, and mouthwatering. The pepper grounds are easy to grind if less texture is wanted. Bourbon Barrel Foods loves the pepper so much that they added it to their Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon.

Mix the Bourbon Smoked Pepper into your hamburger meat. Heat from the grill takes it to the next level and releases more of the smokiness of the pepper and infuses it into the meat. Soon, you’ll have the best burgers on the street. Try rubbing or encrusting the streak with it to have a hint of bourbon and smoke in each bite. Or, grind some on top of your eggs for an extra kick to start the day. 

Bourbon Smoked Pepper is one of many gourmet items that Bourbon Barrel Food makes. The company was created all because a man wanted to make his own soy sauce that had his favorite things: bourbon and Kentucky pride. Bourbon Barrel Foods owner and creator Matt Jamie created the famous Bluegrass Soy Sauce by directly reclaiming barrels from Kentucky's finest bourbon distilleries to repurpose them as a smoking and aging agent. Jamie went on to use this method in all Bourbon Barrel Foods products as a part of their mission so you can “Eat Your Bourbon.”


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