Bourbon Barrel Foods

Bourbon Smoked Chef's Blend


Bourbon Smoked Chef’s Blend from Bourbon Barrel Foods is a blend that combines salty, sweet, and aromatic spices for a complex, flavorful ingredient that stands out from the rest. The combination includes sea salt, quarter-cracked pepper, and paprika that has been slow-smoked over white oak bourbon barrel staves. That mixture is then taken a step further by infusing some of the finest demerara sugar, garlic, and parsley for the ultimate savory-sweet balance. 

Bourbon Smoked Chef’s Blend goes great with just about anything. Put it on fresh seasonal vegetables for a level of complexity and spice. Or, use it as a rub for beef, pork, poultry, and seafood for a smoky aroma that will enhance the grill taste. Make the blend your go-to spice for grilling, roasting, and pan-frying.

If you love the Bourbon Smoked Chef’s Blend, sample all the spices Bourbon Barrel Foods has to offer through their Bourbon Smoked Spices-Miniature Trial Set. This set allows for you to taste the full collection of bourbon-smoked spices. Discover which blend is your favorite—if you don’t fall in love with them all! This six spice set includes bourbon smoked chili powder, citrus pepper, garlic salt, togarashi, sugar, and the Chef’s Blend. Each one brings pleasant spice to dishes ranging from meats to seafood to vegetables–you can even try rimming it onto a glass for a killer bloody mary.

All of Bourbon Barrel Foods' collection is made in Louisville, Kentucky with a mission to use bourbon in various ways so you can “Eat Your Bourbon.”


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