Bourbon Barrel Foods

Black Raspberry Jam


Bourbon Barrel Foods Black Raspberry Jam is jam-packed with flavors of sweetness and fruit. This is made with simple ingredients: hand-picked black raspberries from Friends Drift Inn, sugar, lemon juice, and a hint of vanilla extract. This jam is great for breakfast foods like pancakes, toast, and biscuits. Use it in desserts as a topping for cheesecake, ice cream, and other pastries.

The Black Raspberry Jam comes from Bourbon Barrel Foods partnering with Joyce and Charlie Pinson of Friends Drift Inn in Pikeville, Kentucky, to bring a delicious spread to your table. Friends Drift Inn is a family business on the mission of  “Growing a Good Life in Appalachia” with their organic products.

The farm’s name comes from Joyce Pinson’s grandparents' diner where they believed in growing their own vegetables and orchards to use fresh ingredients in their food. Though closed in the 1960s, Pinson is continuing her grandparents mission of good food and sharing the Appalachian spirit with Friends Drift Inn. The Pinsons run a twelve-acre farm that grows organic food that brings friends and families together. Be sure to also try Bourbon Barrel Foods Blueberry Bourbon & Cardamom Jam, also from Friends Drift Inn. 

Bourbon Barrel has a wide selection of gourmet products that work as gifts for all the chefs, grillers, and bakers you know. Try the famous Bluegrass Soy Sauce, mouthwatering Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon, or the aromatic Bourbon Barrel Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract. All items have bourbon infused in some way, so you can taste some of the finest bourbons Kentucky distilleries have to offer.

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