Barlow's Foods

Barlow's Original Pancake Mix

  • 16 oz. bag around 18 pancakes or 12 waffles
  • Dairy-free and Vegan friendly
  • No additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors
  • Organic unbleached whole wheat flour

Barlow's Foods hand-crafted Original Pancake and Waffle Mix is made using organic and whole ingredients.  The mix makes delicious light and fluffy pancakes or waffles - perfect for all your breakfast traditions. 


    1) Mix 1 cup Barlow’s Original Pancake Mix with 1 cup whole milk (add or reduce milk to desired thickness)
    2) Stir in ¼ cup melted butter and one egg
    3) Heat a lightly greased pan on medium heat
    4) Pour ¼ cup mix into pan
    5) Turn when pancakes bubble and bottoms are slightly brown
    *Note: Substitute milk, butter and egg with non-dairy ingredients for a vegan friendly option.

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