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The Local Palate Marketplace supplies you with endless gourmet foods, specialty ingredients, and Southern snacks from regional small businesses and artisan makers. When it comes to the core ingredients and items every home cook needs in order to bring Southern flavors into their kitchen, the pantry section on Local Palate Marketplace has you covered.


  • Sam Jones Pit Pack

    Sam Jones BBQ Sam Jones Pit Pack

    Sam Jones Pit Pack includes their legendary Vinegar Sauce, Sweet BBQ Sauce, and Rub Potion No. Swine.


  • Bourbon Vanilla Coffee Tin

    Oliver Pluff and Co Bourbon Vanilla Coffee Tin

    Bourbon Vanilla Ground Coffee in a Signature Coffee Tin 5 ounces of roasted ground Colombian Supremo coffee beans with bourbon vanilla flavoring. Colombian beans yield a bold brew that serves as a rich coffee base for a wide variety of flavored coffee blends! Roast Date: Always freshly roasted at the time of your order.


  • BlackJack Barbecue Rib Rub 2-pack - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Food for the Southern Soul BlackJack Barbecue Rib Rub | 2-pack

    Ready for the best barbecue you'll ever taste? Whether you prefer pork or beef, this rib rub will make your mouth water. Food for the Southern Soul's Rib Rub is specially formulated to maximize flavors in your pork or beef ribs. As it cooks, it will caramelize and create a delicious “bark” on your meat. Rub or sprinkle it liberally onto ribs before grilling or baking. It's excellent for beef jerky, too! All of Food for the Southern Soul's goods are made or grown in Charleston. 


  • Edisto Gold Honey Custom | 3-pack

    Edisto Gold Honey Edisto Gold Honey Custom | 3-pack

    Mix and match a set of three flavors of Edisto Gold Honey that is harvested from the Lowcountry shores. Give the sweetest gifts of honey and happiness or stock up. Includes 8-ounce jar of two flavored honey and 11-ounce jar of All-Natural Honey. Flavor options: Lavender, Vanilla, and Pumpkin-Spice. During checkout, add a note telling us which two flavors you'd like us to include. 


  • Black Raspberry Jam

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Black Raspberry Jam

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Black Raspberry Jam is jam-packed with flavors of sweetness and fruit. This is made with simple ingredients: hand-picked black raspberries from Friends Drift Inn, sugar, lemon juice, and a hint of vanilla extract. This jam is great for breakfast foods like pancakes, toast, and biscuits. Use it in desserts as a topping for cheesecake, ice cream, and other pastries. The Black Raspberry Jam comes from Bourbon Barrel Foods partnering with Joyce and Charlie Pinson of Friends Drift Inn in Pikeville, Kentucky, to bring a delicious spread to your table. Friends Drift Inn is a family business on the mission of  “Growing a Good Life in Appalachia” with their organic products. The farm’s name comes from Joyce Pinson’s grandparents' diner where they believed in growing their own vegetables and orchards to use fresh ingredients in their food. Though closed in the 1960s, Pinson is continuing her grandparents mission of good food and sharing the Appalachian spirit with Friends Drift Inn. The Pinsons run a twelve-acre farm that grows organic food that brings friends and families together. Be sure to also try Bourbon Barrel Foods Blueberry Bourbon & Cardamom Jam, also from Friends Drift Inn.  Bourbon Barrel has a wide selection of gourmet products that work as gifts for all the chefs, grillers, and bakers you know. Try the famous Bluegrass Soy Sauce, mouthwatering Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon, or the aromatic Bourbon Barrel Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract. All items have bourbon infused in some way, so you can taste some of the finest bourbons Kentucky distilleries have to offer.


  • Henry Bain Sauce Original Pendennis Club

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Henry Bain’s Original Pendennis Club Sauce

    Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce from Bourbon Barrel Foods earns fame for its rich, tangy flavor. The sauce includes tomato sauce, vinegar, sweet chutney, and pickled walnuts. Originally intended for beef dishes, Henry Bain’s famous sauce quickly became used as barbecue (per our style) sauce for meatloaf and more. It’s perfect to add a spark of flavor to any meat to add a spark of flavor.  The acidity of the vinegar and pickled walnuts add a pleasant tang balanced by the sweet chutney. The combination makes an outstanding flare for appetizers. Top cream cheese with Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce for a yummy cracker dip. Or, add a twist  and make Creole cream cheese to spread on your bread for a delicious breakfast or dinner roll. Bourbon Barrel Foods’ Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce was first served at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky for over 100 years. Henry Bain started working at this prestigious club in 1881 as the elevator boy and soon became the head maître d’. He was liked by alland made impressions on the members with his wonderful manners and well-rounded personality. Bain had a wide knowledge of wines and meats that helped meals meet the palates of the club’s members. Dedicated his life to serving the Pendennis Club.  During his forty years at the establishment, he created this legendary sauce to accompany steaks and local game. This delicious condiment is a small selection of African-American recipes directly tied to its creator. The recipe for Henry Bain’s famous sauce was exclusively served at the club around 2015. Buy a bottle and add a taste of sophistication to your meals.


  • Pantry Gift Box

    Food for the Southern Soul Pantry Gift Box

    The Pantry Gift Box is stocked with Southern pantry staples to make meal-planning easy and convenient. Utilize the Blackjack Barbecue Sauce for basting pork and chicken, and make a batch of Charleston Favorites Stone Ground Grits to complement breakfast or dinner. For a tasty marinade, try the Tidewater Shrimp Sauce, then pair the finished dish with the Peach Grilling Sauce for an extra layer of flavor. End the meal with Benne Wafers and watch as your guests devour every bite. 


  • Georgia Grinders 12oz Original Almond Butter

    Georgia Grinders Original Almond Butter

    Georgia Grinders' Original Almond Butter consists of roasted California almonds sourced and a hint of sea salt. Expect a delicious blend of crunchy almonds in every bite!

  • Creamy Peanut Butter Re-Sealable Squeeze Pouch - 6pk

    Georgia Grinders Creamy Peanut Butter Re-Sealable Squeeze Pouch - 6pk

    Take your favorite creamy peanut butter on the go! These 3oz Resealable Pouches are perfect for individual usage for your next vacation or outing. Each pouch contains 3 servings; just knead, squeeze and re-use Each box contains 6 pouches. Ingredients: Georgia Grown Peanuts, Kosher Sea Salt.


  • Edisto Gold Honey's Blueberry-Infused Raw Honey

    Edisto Gold Honey Edisto Gold Honey's Blueberry-Infused Raw Honey

    Edisto Gold's Blueberry Infused honey offers a deliciously sweet raw honey full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.  Available in 8-ounce jar. Ingredients: raw honey and organic blueberry powder. Put it on a biscuit, in tea, or simply eat it by the spoonful. Do not feed honey products to infants under one year of age.


  • Georgia Crab Boil Seasoning

    Southern Soul BBQ Georgia Crab Boil Seasoning

    Southern Soul's Georgia Crab Boil Seasoning will have everyone coming to your low country boils in droves, so much so that you'll discover family members you never even knew you had.


  • Olde Virden's Sweet Sting Dehydrated Hot Honey

    Olde Virdens Olde Virden's Sweet Sting Dehydrated Hot Honey

    Olde Virden's combined their Red Hot Fine Grind with dehydrated honey granules to give you the sweet and the heat without all of the mess.


  • Gesus Palomino 16oz Jalapeno Marinade and Cocktail Mix and 8oz Candied Jalapeno Relish duo

    Gesus Palomino Candied Jalapeno Relish & Cocktail Mix Duo

    Gesus Palomino Candied Jalapeno Relish & Cocktail Mix Duo combines the best of both worlds for your next cocktail or dipping bonanza.


  • Georgia Grinders Nut Butter Sampler Mix 4-Pack

    Georgia Grinders Whole-30 Nut Butter Sampler Mix

    Enjoy Georgia Grinder's premium Hazelnut Butter, Cashew Butter, and Original Almond Butter, and Pecan Butter with this Whole-30 approved nut butter sampler mix. 

  • Madagascar Vanilla Syrup 3pk

    Daysie Madagascar Vanilla Syrup 3pk

    Daysie's Madagascar Vanilla Syrup is crafted with the highest quality organic ingredients to provide a flavor that has all of that classical vanilla taste. All of Daysie's syrups are gluten free, non-gmo, and dairy free.

  • AR’s Southern Wildflower Honey

    AR's Hot Southern Honey AR’s Southern Wildflower Honey

    100% Pure Wildflower Honey 12oz. Squeeze Bottle All-natural, Unpasteurized, and Non-Ultrafiltered. No Artificial Sugar, Additives, or Preservatives Gluten-free and Paleo-Friendly. AR’s not-hot Southern Wildflower Honey is a rich, fragrant, and naturally sweet wildflower honey that adds floral notes and flavor without any of the heat of AR’s other products. 


  • Southern Art Company Original Handcrafted Hot Sauce

    Southern Art Company Original Southern Hot Sauce

    1 review

    Looking for a versatile hot sauce that's perfect for any dish? Look no further than Southern Art Company's Original Southern Hot Sauce! Whether you're looking to add some heat to your tacos, eggs, fries, wings, or even use it as a marinade for chicken, the Original Southern Hot Sauce is the perfect choice. Made with high-quality ingredients and crafted with care, this hot sauce is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Add a bottle of Southern Art Company's Original Southern Hot Sauce to your cart today and start spicing up your meals!


  • Riptide Fish Dust

    Seaside Grown Riptide Fish Dust

    Seaside Grown's Riptide Fish Dust is a seafood addition you have to try, but it doesn't stop there. Try it on chicken, pizza, or even popcorn for an extra burst of flavor.


  • Southern Style Sun Tea Tin - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Oliver Pluff and Co Southern Style Sun Tea Tin

    This Southern Style Sun Tea Tin contains three 1-gallon tea bags (perfect for your pitcher!). Single-estate Ceylon black tea, broken orange pekoe grade. While tea is hot, stir in a little cane sugar to complement the rich flavors. Serve over ice.   Packaged by hand in Charleston.


  • Olde Virden’s Tennessee Jerk Fine Grind

    Olde Virdens Olde Virden’s Tennessee Jerk Fine Grind

    This 1.5-ounce shaker of Olde Virden’s Tennessee Jerk Fine Grind is handcrafted and blended locally in Knoxville, Tennessee. Unlike other fine grinds that Olde Virden’s makes, this one uses Caribbean and African peppers instead of chilies to give it a unique flavor and extra kick. This Tennessee Jerk Fine Grind tastes amazing and will have you sweating through your shirt in no time. Use it as a dry rub for any type of meat or put it on huevos rancheros, pasta, or fresh gumbo to give your meal a hot punch. It is sodium free, additive free, and preservative free to make for the freshest and tastiest fine grind you could keep in your pantry. Beside, The Tennessee Jerk Fine Grind combined with Chili Pepper Blend Gift Box also can be a great gift for your family or friends. Olde Virden’s was started by Knoxville, Tennessee local Chris Virden. The idea struck Chris as he was enjoying a slice of pizza hundreds of miles in the air, nearing the peak of Mt. LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He noticed that almost every pizza joint that he had ever been to use the same flat bottle of red pepper flakes, and was sure that there had to be a better tasting option. After his trip, he came back to his home in Tennessee and started researching the best alternatives for red pepper flakes. After a number of months of testing different peppers and spices, he finally chose his five favorites. Shortly after, he opened up a small family-run facility in Knoxville where the local fresh chilies are dehydrated, ground, and packaged to be shipped.


  • Vermouth Brined Olives

    Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Vermouth Brined Olives

    These olives are soaked in a brine of dry vermouth and have notes of juniper and coriander reminiscent of a dry gin martini. Switch it up and toss them in a bloody mary or a spritz.


  • Tomato Sandwich Seasoning

    Hostess Provisions Tomato Sandwich Seasoning

    What's a party without tomato sandwiches? Hostess Provisions developed this seasoning so you can have your tomato sandwich and eat it, too! Want to make the best tomato sandwich ever? Mix the seasoning with the mayo of your choice to make a Hostess Provisions tomato sandwich spread. 2.8 ounces. Gluten-free. Contains dairy.


  • Pickled Shrimp Seasoning - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Hostess Provisions Pickled Shrimp Seasoning

    Pickled Shrimp Seasoning from Hostess Provisions is an all-purpose seafood seasoning blend. Inspired by the ingredients of their famous and most requested pickled shrimp recipe. The blend contains sea salt, herbs, and citrus zest. Use it as a seafood boil and sprinkle it over cooked shrimp or crab. This versatile seasoning also makes a delicious pasta or potato salad. 2.3 ounces. Gluten-free.  


  • Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

    The Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup is the perfect topping for pancakes and french toast. This certified-organic syrup is made in Louisville, Kentucky, aged in white oak barrels that once held the finest Kentucky bourbons. The process of aging the syrup in these barrels matures the maple syrup flavor adding a unique smoky, white oak taste to complement with the maple for a sweet treat.  Take Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup beyond the breakfast table. Mix it in cocktails or an old fashioned for a complex drink with a sweet note. Or, top your ice cream with it to put a twist on the classic ice cream sundae with some of the bluegrass states’ best flavors. We wouldn’t judge if you ate it right off the spoon. This syrup is one of many products a part of Bourbon Barrel Foods’ “Eat Your Bourbon” initiative. Owner Matt Jamie started out of his home on a mission to make soy sauce that would stand out from the rest. Bourbon and bourbon barrels were his answer creating the world famous Bluegrass Soy Sauce. Passionate about making bourbon more than a drink, he began to make dishes that infuse and use bourbon in all kinds of ways, which led him to create Bourbon Barrel Foods. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can have the essence of the drink all day long and finish with a glass of bourbon. Try making these recipes yourself from Jamie’s “Eat Your Bourbon” cookbook that suggests dishes and drinks that use various Bourbon Barrel Foods products.


  • Harleston Village Hors D'oeuvres Gift Box

    Food for the Southern Soul Harleston Village Hors D'oeuvres Gift Box

    This gift box honors the culinary history of Charleston and features everything you need to make artisanal and locally sourced hors d'oeuvres for any occasion. From Southern Praline Pecans, to Hot Pepper Jelly and Pickled Okra, and classic Lowcountry staples like Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice and Stone Ground Grits, this gift box offers a unique and delicious way to explore Southern culture.


  • Pecan Butter Trio

    Georgia Grinders Pecan Butter Trio

    Pecan Peanut Butter: Georgia Grown Peanuts, Georgia Grown Pecans, Kosher Sea Salt.   Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan Peanut Butter: Georgia Grown Peanuts, Georgia Grown Pecans, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Kosher Sea Salt.  Pecan Butter: Georgia Grown Pecans, Kosher Sea Salt.  *Each trio comes in a wrapped box with a bow and sticker with the Georgia Grinders logo making it the perfect gift for any time of year.

  • Watermelon Hot Sauce

    Still There Shine Sauce Watermelon Hot Sauce

    Fresh North Carolina watermelon is pureed with aged scorpion peppers, fresh onion, garlic, and some of the best shine that Appalachia has to offer to create this new hot sauce that is heavy on flavor with just the right amount of spice. 


  • Sweet's Elderberry Elderberry Extract bottle

    Sweet's Elderberry Sweet's Elderberry | Elderberry Extract

    Sweet’s Elderberry Extract is an organic, unsweetened concentrate, offering a powerful 3,000 mg of elderberry per daily serving. It tastes simple, clean, and not too sweet. This simple, vegan, alcohol-free product is perfect if you're:  Seeking no-frills health and wellness boosters.  Interested in a very economical product with a highly concentrated form of elderberry. Avoiding sugars or sweeteners due to clean eating, a keto diet, vegan lifestyle, or diabetes management. Serving size: 1 TBSP daily for adults, 1 tsp daily for infants/children. May repeat 2-3 times a day if needed. Safe while pregnant/nursing.  Safe for infants. Ingredients:  Organic dried elderberries, purified water, organic vegetable glycerin (sourced from flax, used to extract goodness from elderberries and ease bitterness) and malic acid (sourced from apples, used to stabilize and preserve). This product is shelf-stable for up to 2 years from production.  Refrigerate after opening.


  • Sobremesa Authentic Mole Poblano

    Sobremesa Mole & Salsas Sobremesa Authentic Mole Poblano

    Where it all started. Inspired by his Mexican roots, Chef Mark Ciaburri combines four dried chilis along with other traditional ingredients to offer one of the only ready-to-use moles on the market.  


  • Martins Bar-B-Que Joints Four Spice Gift Set

    Martin's BBQ Joint Martin's Four Spice Set

    Martin's Four Spice Set includes Dixie Rib, Big Hoss, Pat's Hot Dust, and Season'd Salt Rubs for the best dishes you can whip up.


  • Martins Bar-B-Que Joints Smokehouse Staples Gift Set

    Martin's BBQ Joint Martin's Smokehouse Staples

    Martin's Smokehouse Staples includes Jack's Creek and Sweet Dixie BBQ Sauces paired with Dixie Rib and Big Hoss Rubs.


  • Slow Burn Peach Grilling Sauce and BlackJack Barbecue 2-Pack - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Food for the Southern Soul Slow Burn Peach Grilling Sauce and BlackJack Barbecue | 2-pack

    Between wowing the crowd at the weekend’s cookout or kicking up the 20-minute sheet-pan du jour, this cult favorite saucy duo is your secret weapon. Use them together or not; the Slow Burn Peach Grilling Sauce and BlackJack Barbecue sauces each hold their own when it comes to flavor and utility. Sweetness forward but rooted in heat, the Peach Slow Burn Hot Sauce is an excellent versatile addition for everyday cooking. Try adding it to a slow cooker dish, marinade for fish, cocktail sauce, tossing chicken wings in it, or shaking a few dashes over a vegetable stir-fry. Come game day, it brings just enough of a wake-up call to your Bloody Mary batch. When used in conjunction with the BlackJack Barbecue sauce, the saucy pair creates a sweet, tangy, and spicy coating for ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, and more. The vinegar-based barbecue sauce is styled after its North Carolina counterpart that relies on the extra acidity to keep meat from ever feeling too heavy. If you want some extra southern vibes, please add up Creole Gumbo . The tomato-based stew pulls warmth from bell peppers and texture from okra, and it does the heavy lifting when it comes to getting dinner on the table.  Good Company Among the BlackJack Barbecue and Peach Slow Burn Hot Sauce  The BlackJack Barbecue and Peach Slow Burn Hot Sauce come from the Food for the Southern Soul brand. Created by insurance advisor-turned-gourmand Jimmy Hagood, this company brings signature flavors and foods from the Lowcountry, Gulf, Appalachia, and Tidewater to pantries, lunch boxes, party spreads, and dinner tables around the country. Additional offerings to up your grill game include the Wild Game Marinade and the BlackJack Barbecue Rib Rub, and their robust selection of pantry ingredients and snacks range from jerky to Charleston stone-ground grits, cheese straws, pickled vegetables, and benne wafers.


  • BlackJack Barbecue Vinegar Sauce 2-Pack - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Food for the Southern Soul BlackJack Barbecue Vinegar Sauce | 2-pack

    Seeking the perfect vinegar-based barbecue sauce? BlackJack Barbecue™ Vinegar Sauce blends apple cider and white vinegar infused with spices and a touch of cane sugar for a tangy, spicy kick. Use it as a marinade or basting sauce for any meat, or try it as a finishing sauce for pork barbecue. This pack comes with two bottles. Made in Charleston by Food for the Southern Soul.


  • 8-ounce jar of Edisto Gold Infused Pumpkin Spice Honey

    Edisto Gold Honey Edisto Gold Honey's Pumpkin Spice Infused Raw Honey

    Edisto Gold Honey celebrates the fall season with pumpkin spice flavored honey. Each jar is harvested straight from hives on the shores the Lowcountry of the Edisto River. Available in 8-ounce jar. Ingredients: raw honey and organic pumpkin spice. Put on biscuits, put it in coffee, or eat it by the spoonful. Do not feed honey products to infants under 1 year of age.


  • Carolina BBQ Rub

    Carolina Brewery Carolina Dry Rub

    Now they have broadened their creations from the beverage world to that of another Southern favorite: BBQ. Drawing influence from the renowned Eastern North Carolina style BBQ, these masterminds have found the sweet spot for dry rubs. Combining salts, spices, heat, and produced right at home in North Carolina, the Carolina Brewery team has mastered yet another delicacy. Carolina Brewery’s Carolina-Style Rub is great to massage into your meet before you cook it and after it comes off the heat. Don’t limit yourself to pork, though. Cover your seafood, beef, and chicken with the dry rub to add a sweet and spicy flavor that not every seasoning can bring to the table. Transform your chicken wings with the gritty texture and savory flavor of the rub. Get creative and rim your next bloody mary glass with the rub to set your cocktail game apart from all the rest.Be sure to pair the Carolina-Style Rub with the Carolina Style BBQ Sauce as the winning gift for any home chef or pitmaster. The rub is packaged in an 8.4 fluid ounce shaker – more than enough to last you, but we suggest stocking up in advance.


  • Bourbon Barrel Foods Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki™

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Barrel Foods Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki™

    Turn up the heat with Bourbon Barrel Foods Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki. Like Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki, this teriyaki sauce is made Kentucky style with extra spice. Incorporating a blend of fresh garlic, ginger, and all-natural Kentucky-grown sorghum, this yummy sauce has a balance of salty and sweet. Bourbon Barrel Foods then adds red pepper for a robust kick of spice. The flavor train doesn’t end there. The Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki is aged in white oak barrels reclaimed straight from Kentucky’s finest bourbon distilleries as a smoking and aging agent. The long process is worth the wait for a sauce that’s packed with complex flavors of smoke, spice, and salty umami. Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki is a great substitution to recipes where you’d otherwise use typical teriyaki sauce but want a bit of heat. Use it to marinate pork tenderloin that will make the meat melt in your mouth with the rich, fresh teriyaki flavor. Put a twist on meatloaf with a bourbon-flavored teriyaki glaze instead of a tomato-base sauce. Or, simply use it as a dipping sauce that will complete each bite. Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki isn’t Bourbon Barrel Foods’ only product. Explore the Kentucky-based shop’s expansive collection of gourmet foods, such as the original Kentuckyaki or Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce. All items display Kentucky’s proud history as the world-renowned bourbon country. Every item is made and packaged in Louisville. Sample some of the best bourbons the bluegrass state has to offer while you eat.



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