Ward Off Winter Colds (and More) with Elderberry Syrup

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy
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With one flu, cold, or respiratory sickness after another, who wouldn’t want to arm themselves against seasonal sickness? Whether you keep your medicine cabinet loaded with over-the-counter cure alls or you prefer more homeopathic routes, elderberry syrup deserves a place on the shelf. 

Elderberries and elderflower in nature

The richly purple elderberry syrup is made from the berries of European elder trees, and is (often) sweetened with regional raw honey. The berries are packed with vitamin C, which supports immune health, and can also fight inflammation, help reduce blood pressure, and lower cholesterol. Elderberry syrup offers a highly concentrated dose of the fruit, and it has a fruity, tart flavor significantly more palatable than cold syrups.

Taking syrup at the onset of colds and flus can help shorten symptoms to a few days. Some people even incorporate a dose of syrup into their daily routine to ward off seasonal sickness entirely. Elderberry syrup can also help allergies. Try looking for regionally made brands that use local raw honey as one of the ingredients, which can help build immunities against allergens from regional flora and fauna.

Stephanie Rickenbaker, the founder of Sweet’s Elderberry in Charlotte, first discovered elderberry as a way to relieve her daughter’s chronic allergies. When she noticed that flu didn’t touch their household once everyone started taking the syrup, she was hooked.

Rickenbaker channels elderberry’s health benefits through various forms: syrup, tinctures, extracts, shrubs, and dry berries. Each one offers a slightly different benefit, letting people choose to use elderberry in the way that works best for them.

When to use Sweet’s Elderberry Products For Different Needs

Sweet's Elderberry Syrup in an 8 ounce bottleElderberry Syrup
Use this flavorful syrup supports daily immune, respiratory, and seasonal allergy health. It’s made with raw North Carolina honey, making it ideal for people living in the Southeastern states. Adults and children over one-year old can take a spoonful of this daily, or mix it into drinks or smoothies. 

 Sweet's Elderberry Extract in an 8 ounce bottle

Elderberry Extract 

Pack a punch of antioxidants with this no-frills extract, which contains concentrated elderberry juice in its purest form. Adults and children can take it by the spoonful daily and up to two or three times per day during the height of cold season.

Sweet's Elderberry Shrub in an 8-ounce bottle

Elderberry Shrub
If you’re into apple cider vinegar shots to support gut health, this shrub is for you. The shrub is naturally flavored with ginger and raw cane sugar, and packs a tangy flavor from the elderberries and vinegar. You can use it as a flavorful addition to sparkling water to keep your immune and digestive systems happy.

Sweet's Elderberry Tincture in a 2-ounce bottle

Daily Defense Elderberry Tincture
Adults and children can take this concentrated dose of elderberries once or twice per day to keep immunities strong year-round. Unlike elderberry syrup, this is safe for infants and babies.

Sweet's Dried Organic Elderberries

Organic Dried Elderberry
Use the dried berries like raisins, dried cranberries, or dried cherries to load baked goods, salads, or jams and jellies with antioxidants.


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