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A charcuterie board with lamb from Aussies Selects, pair with Billie's Pecans

New Vendor Alert: Billie's Pecans and Aussie Select

, by Isabelle Adler

The Local Palate Marketplace is excited to partner with two new vendors, Billie's Pecans and Aussie Selects. These artisans are dedicated to providing premium goods focused on sustainable sourcing and packed with flavor. 

Chocolate covered and Cinnamon Spiced Pecans

Billie's Pecans

The start of Billie's Pecans hinged a young mother's grit and drive to provide for her four sons back in the 1960's. On their family farm, she and her husband decided that their delicious pecans were something worth sharing with more than just neighbors. It was this curiosity that sparked the creation Billie's first and favorite recipe, cinnamon spiced pecans. According to Billie, the pecans sell themselves after a single taste. From humble beginnings, their reputation grew and their snacks can now be found in a variety of stores across the South. Centered on family and flavor, Billie's pecans will remain something to be savored.

Lamb Ham

Aussie Selects

Aussie Selects is dedicated to quality pasture-raised lamb, and you can taste the difference. Sourced from the green pastures of Australia, Aussie Selects is adamant that the conditions where lambs are raised has a direct correlation with flavor and texture. Their pasture-raised deli selections are more mild to taste with a naturally lean and tender texture. Signature flavors include Tikka Masala Lamb Ham, Agave Rosemary Lamb Ham, and Lamb Pastrami. Aussie Selects lamb is also free of artificial additives or hormone growth promotants. 

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