Pine Street Market

Smoked Chicken Sausages

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 This 12-ounce pack of Smoked Chicken Sausages from Pine Street Market comes with approximately 10-12 links. The sausages are handmade, locally in Georgia from Springer Mountain Farms chickens.

They contain no pork and are gluten free. These hormone and antibiotic free chicken sausages are seasoned with sage, black pepper, and chilies, stuffed into natural lamb casings, and twisted onto 2-inch links that are smoked over Applewood. They make for the perfect healthier alternative at a family cookout without sacrificing that smoky sausage taste. Not only sausage, your dish will never complete without the delicious Smoked Speck. It is made from Riverview Farms ham. It is cured first with juniper berry and black pepper, then cave-cured for eight months.

On a whim that sometimes the old ways of doing things are better than the new, Rusty Bowers started Pine Street Market. Rusty spent many years in some of the finest dining establishments in the country, but his revelation came when he took a trip to Europe.

He noticed that European members of the food industry seemed to be so connected with their food. People treated animals a lot differently there. People treated animals humanely and practiced sustainable agricultural methods that helped reduce food waste by finding ways to employ every piece of meat from the animal.

Rusty brought that same idea back to the United States and started Pine Street Market. His idea is to bring people together with real, genuine food and to educate consumers while he feeds them.

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