Food for the Southern Soul

Peach Chutney


Chutneyan intriguing cross between pickled vegetables and preserves–is about as representative of the Southern pantry as a bag of grits. The condiment itself boasts ties to global origins–imagine the chutneys found in Indian or Caribbean cuisine. From place to place, the fruit and sugar base gets paired with various spices, seasonings, onions, garlic, or vinegars to create a product that complements other regional flavors. A traditional Southern chutney doesn’t get much more classic than this Peach Chutney. Made from fresh, regionally grown peaches, it’s an instant taste of summer that lasts through the dead of winter. Delicately sweetened, textured, and slightly tangy, this spread brings a sweet dimension to meats or cheese plates

This Charleston Favorites Peach Chutney comes from the Food for the Southern Soul brand, created by gourmand and restaurateur Jimmy Hagood. Food for the Southern Soul celebrates the quintessential foods and flavors of the Lowcountry, Appalachia, Gulf, Piedmont, and beyond. Among the chutney, offerings range from other condiments, such as pepper jelly and barbecue sauce, to ingredients like coarse-ground grits to artisanal gumbo.

Our Favorite Ways to Use Peach Chutney

Don’t let this spread’s peachiness deter you–it shines in savory applications and brings brightness to meaty, rich foods. Serve it with pork chops, chicken, Sweet and Salty Snack or a flaky white fish. Or use it to dress up appetizers: Try dipping spring rolls into it, or dollop it over pimento cheese and crackers. For more ways to dress up your cooking, check out our selection of other condiments on Marketplace.

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