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Heritage Bacon

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This 12-ounce pack of Heritage Bacon, winner of the 2018 UGA Food Product Contest, is produced locally in Georgia. This bacon is applewood smoked, thick-sliced, and the perfect bacon for a BLT, afternoon snack, or breakfast side.

It is produced from Pasture Raised Heritage Breed Duroc Hogs that are fed a natural vegetarian diet free of hormones and antibiotics. The Duroc pork is known for its unmatched juiciness, that still maintains a mild flavor.

Instead of curing the hogs with curing solution, the bacon is cured through a dry curing method that eliminates the moisture and concentrates the flavor. Each pork belly is cured with salt and molasses for seven days, then smoked with Applewood and White Oak to give it a unique smoky flavor. Bacon fans will be very satisfied with this, especially if it's complete with bacon jam.

Rusty Bowers founded Pine Street Market on a whim that the old way of doing things are more often than not better than the new. Rusty spent many years in some of the best restaurants and eateries in the United States, but a realization came to him when he visited Europe.

He noticed that the chefs and eaters of Europe were so connected with their food. People treated the animals differently there. People treated animals humanity and appreciation, practicing different sustainable farming methods and working to reduce food waste by experimenting with a variety of ways to enjoy every single piece of meat from an animal.

Rusty brought that same ideology back to the United States as a sort of souvenir and started the Pine Street Market. His idea is to bring people together over honest, real food and to work towards educating his customers just as much as he feeds them. 

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