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Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice 3-Pack


Lavington Farms Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice, the aromatic off-spring of the much heralded Carolina Gold variety, is characterized by its golden hull and nutty flavor. Cultivated and harvested in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Lavington Farms Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice represents the perfect marriage of the quintessential southern staple and delectable Indonesian aromatic rice.

Known as "America's First Rice," this authentic heirloom grain drove America's rice culture in South Carolina. Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice was then and is today the heart of the Carolina rice kitchen.

"In the late 20th century Americans turned to aromatic rice. Whether it was the earthy perfume of Basmati (popularized by health food stores as early as the 1970s) or the floral splendor of Jasmine (made popular by the Thai restaurant boom of the 1980s), diners began ordering rice that excited the nose. Until this change in taste, Americans preferred non-aromatic rices--rices whose wholesome texture, ability to marry disparate flavors in Jambalayas and perloos, and subtly of flavor permitted them to be consumed day after day. Carolina Gold Rice was the non-aromatic standard for over a century. At the end of the 20th century Dr. Buford Merle Shepard of Clemson University and Dr. Gurdev Kush of IRRI collaborated in breeding an aromatic version of Carolina Gold. Using old school pedigree breeding techniques they created a short stature gold hulled rice with the traditional plush mouth feel of Carolina Gold, yet with the fragrance of an East Indian cool weather rice. Dr. Anna McClung refined the plant until it produced stable seed. The result was Charleston Gold, a splendid and productive rice that has been embraced by Lowcountry cooks requiring a grain that can hold up to heavily spiced dishes."

Dr. David S. Shields
Carolina Distinguished Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
University of South Carolina


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