980 Sauce

Sriracha (10-ounce)


This dynamic, all-natural 10-ounce bottle of Sriracha Hot Sauce from 980 Sauce is created right in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. This Sriracha Hot Sauce starts with 980 Sauce’s all-natural, fresh Panamanian habanero peppers. Those are then mixed with chili peppers and different spices and sweeteners to give it a little extra heat and sweetness. This Sriracha is vibrant and fiery and brings out the best parts of every dish. The heat in this sauce is perfect; It’s hot enough to remind you it’s there, but not so hot that it takes away from the flavors of your food.

The Sriracha Hot Sauce is great for every dish, but we love its unique spiciness in a bloody mary. A homemade bloody mary on a Saturday morning will never taste the same after you try it. It’s also great for homemade aioli, chicken, or pork. You can also use it as a marinade, so you get a that Sriracha taste in every bite. But if it's still not enough, Cilantro Hot Sauce ready to serve you. Wild Cilantro blends together fresh Panamanian cilantro, garlic, jalapeno peppers, and lime juice with special spices to create a mouthwatering and unmatched flavor.

Alexis Gallardo and Smith Anderson started 980 Sauce after running into each other at an airport right in the country from which they source their peppers: Panama. The two chatted over their shared interests and mutual love for food. Alexis’s family owned a food manufacturing company in Panama City, and then everything just seemed to fall into place. They realized that Panama had some of the best, fresh and natural vegetables and decided to start a company sharing Panamanian culture and sauces with the world. Now the business is flourishing and the two couldn’t be happier.

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