Spiceology Holiday Rub Set


Spiceology brings you your very own Holiday cheat sheet with their newest 4-pack of blends. Wow your family, impress your in-laws and make your holiday dinner Instagram worthy with their Turkey Rub, Prime Rib Rub, Mulling Spice, and Pumpkin Spice. With this quartet of spices, you’ll breeze through holiday cooking and not have to worry about anything coming out of your kitchen that isn’t flavorful and impressive to any palate. 

Utilize this pack for an assortment of meat, whether you are seasoning a whole turkey or dry-rubbing wings for a casual affair. Sprinkle over vegetables before and after you cook to bring out their natural flavor while adding one that is all its own. Bring a new punch to your holiday desserts and beverages, too. These spices cover all of your bases. 

The mulling spice is ideal for bringing flavorful fragrance to the punch bowl or your warm cocktails. Don’t be fooled by the Prime Rib Rub—it goes much further than just ribs. The pumpkin spice works perfectly in beverages, pies, and cakes to bring a warm and wintry taste to your confections or sweet potato casserole. The Turmeric Rub brings international twang to your turkey or tossed with vegetables. 

Gift Flavor with Spiceology Holiday Rub Set

Spiceology’s mission is to eliminate dull flavors from your kitchen, and what better time to start than during the holidays when all eyes are on the chef. Give this as a gift or add it to your spice arsenal to wow each mouth at your table. The combo is the perfect way to branch out from your safe spice and try something new. 

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