Pine Street Market

Smoked Speck

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This 2-ounce pack of Smoked Speck from Pine Street Market is produced locally, in Georgia. The Speck is made from Riverview Farms ham. It is cured first with juniper berry and black pepper, then cave-cured for eight months.

The velvety & rosy cured meat mingled with buttery fat, a subtle layer of smoke, & a hint of juniper makes Pine Street Market Artisan Speck is the perfect centerpiece of your next charcuterie platter and pairs well with sharp cheeses, such as Asiago, Piave, and Pecorino Romano as well as Ricotta.

You can serve this speck with anything, such as Smoked Chicken Sausage, put it on a flatbread with ricotta cheese, fig preserves and top it off with olive oil and you will have the perfect appetizer for entertaining.

Rusty Bowers brought Pine Street Market to life on a whim believing that sometimes the older way of doing things can be better than the newer. Rusty spent years and years in some of the most revered dining establishments in the United States but came to a new understanding of food when he visited Europe.

He noticed that the residents of Europe were ever so connected with the food that they raised, cooked, and ate. People treated animals differently throughout the continent. People treated their animals humanely, practicing a variety of sustainable farming methods and taking efforts to reduce food waste by exploring ways to enjoy every last piece of meat from an animal.

Rusty brought that same ideology back home and started Pine Street Market. His idea is to connect people with true, honest food and to teach his customers about food just as much as he feeds them.

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