Colts Chocolate

Smoked Almond Chocolate Bars

Almonds and chocolate are about as common and classic as peanuts and chocolate. Colts Chocolates takes it to the next level with their Smoked Almond Chocolate Bar. These chocolate bars aren’t like any other you’ve had before. They’re loaded with ingredients that will set your mouth on fire, make you reach for a glass of water, and go in for another bite.

Each box includes two of the rich, dark chocolate bars that are full of flavorful complexity. One is topped with whole smoked almonds while the other is topped with whole smoked almonds that are fired with jalapenos for extra spice. The bars are finished off with a chipotle dust for an added fiery kick.

Take these bars out to the fire pit to use in s’mores for a flavor and nutty crunch they you simply will not find in other chocolate bars on the market. Stock up on these for stocking stuffers or even to slide gift cards into for birthdays and other special occasions. You can also put Salted Caramel Gooey Butter Bars in it, they will make a perfect combo.

It was all the way back in 1984 that Mackenzie Colt founded Colts Chocolate Company in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. As the original owner, Mackenzie Colt put her heart and hands into the development of delicious chocolates and other desserts. The sweet treats that she made in her own kitchen soon became famous and were ordered by friends, family, and, eventually, customers. Ever since going public, the Colts have provided the highest quality of one-of-a-kind, gourmet chocolates and other quality crafted treats to those with a strong sweet tooth.

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