Food for the Southern Soul

Slow Burn Peach Grilling Sauce and BlackJack Barbecue 2-Pack


Between wowing the crowd at the weekend’s cookout or kicking up the 20-minute sheet-pan du jour, this cult favorite saucy duo is your secret weapon. Use them together or not; the Slow Burn Peach Grilling Sauce and BlackJack Barbecue sauces each hold their own when it comes to flavor and utility. Sweetness forward but rooted in heat, the Peach Slow Burn Hot Sauce is an excellent versatile addition for everyday cooking. Try adding it to a slow cooker dish, marinade for fish, cocktail sauce, tossing chicken wings in it, or shaking a few dashes over a vegetable stir-fry. Come game day, it brings just enough of a wake-up call to your Bloody Mary batch.

When used in conjunction with the BlackJack Barbecue sauce, the saucy pair creates a sweet, tangy, and spicy coating for ribs, chicken, pork shoulder, and more. The vinegar-based barbecue sauce is styled after its North Carolina counterpart that relies on the extra acidity to keep meat from ever feeling too heavy. If you want some extra southern vibes, please add up Creole Gumbo . The tomato-based stew pulls warmth from bell peppers and texture from okra, and it does the heavy lifting when it comes to getting dinner on the table. 

Good Company Among the BlackJack Barbecue and Peach Slow Burn Hot Sauce 

The BlackJack Barbecue and Peach Slow Burn Hot Sauce come from the Food for the Southern Soul brand. Created by insurance advisor-turned-gourmand Jimmy Hagood, this company brings signature flavors and foods from the Lowcountry, Gulf, Appalachia, and Tidewater to pantries, lunch boxes, party spreads, and dinner tables around the country. Additional offerings to up your grill game include the Wild Game Marinade and the BlackJack Barbecue Rib Rub, and their robust selection of pantry ingredients and snacks range from jerky to Charleston stone-ground grits, cheese straws, pickled vegetables, and benne wafers.

The Perfect complements