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Savoring the South: Memories of Edna Lewis, the Grande Dame of Southern Cooking

Author: Angela Mulloy

Edna Lewis, known throughout the country as the Grande Dame of Southern cooking, often served as guest chef at Mulloy's restaurant where she and Mulloy soon became friends. For more than 10 years, Miss Lewis shared her recipes, techniques, experiences and recollections with Mulloy who compiled them and presents them here. Organized by season, complete menus savor the delights of both significant holidays and more spontaneous occasions--and each includes sumptuous recipes connected to the land and its seasonal bounty. Some are simple dishes of Lewis' childhood, some are those served in Mulloy's restaurant, and some are those Lewis developed throughout her lifetime that made her food so popular. Sprinkled throughout are hints and insights by Lewis to help the home cook prepare the fresh, natural dishes that have been an integral part of the South. Featuring award-winning writing, stunning color photography, and more than 140 mouth-watering recipes, Savoring the South is a must for anyone who loves fine Southern cuisine.

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