980 Sauce

Pineapple Coconut (5-ounce)


This unique Pineapple Coconut Hot Sauce from 980 Sauce is created in Charleston, South Carolina. The Pineapple Coconut Hot Sauce mixes the sweetness of pineapples and coconuts with the unforgettable spiciness of Panamanian habanero peppers to deliver you a sweet and spicy Caribbean flavored hot sauce.

The sweetness of the fruit punches harder than the spiciness of the habaneros, so the sauce isn’t unbearably spicy. If you want a sauce that tastes great with anything, but gives a little kick, this is the sauce for you.

The Pineapple Coconut Hot Sauce is perfect for any dish you can think of. We love it on seafood, veggies, rice, or used as a marinade. Try making Caribbean style chicken using the sauce for a little more spice to an already delicious dish.

Smith Anderson and Alexis Gallardo started the 980 Sauce brand after crossing paths at an airport in Panama. The two had similar backgrounds and a fascination and love for all things food. Alexis’s family owned a food manufacturing company in Panama City, and everything just seemed to line up for the duo.

They realized that Panama had the best, natural and fresh vegetables and decided to start a company sharing Panamanian culture and sauces with the world. Now the business is booming and the two couldn’t be happier with the products that they get to share with the world.

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