Hyde Handmade Knives

Petty/Paring Knife with Curly Maple and Rosewood handle

This Petty/Paring knife's blade is forged W2 carbon steel with a differential heat treat to ensure the strength of the blade. The petty is a utility knife that is between a paring and a chef knife. Another type of knife that also has the power of a blade, as well as a chef's knife, is an 8” Echo Chef Knife. The blade is made of dymalux (stained birch veneer). this Petty/Paring Knife is shaped in the Japanese style with a flatter cutting edge and octagonal handle. 
Care information: Carbon steel knives must be hand washed and dried immediately after use. Do not put them in the dishwasher—it will damage both the blade and handle, possibly irreparably. With use, carbon steel will patina a blue/gray color, especially when in contact with acidic foods.
Custom-made in Charleston.
110mm (4.25")

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