Lillies of Charleston

Mustard BBQ Sauce (2-Pack)


The Mustard BBQ Sauce 2 Pack from Lillie’s of Charleston comes with their two most famous BBQ sauces (14.8-ounce bottles), handcrafted in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. The Finger Leek-en Mustard BBQ Sauce is the sauce for your family barbecue cookout.

The sauce mixes the sweetness and tanginess of mustard with a variety of different spices to create a smooth hickory taste. The Hab Mussy Mustard BBQ Sauce first place winner of the 2010 Scovie Awards.

The initial sweetness and flavor of the sauce quickly give way to a slow burn that spice lovers will enjoy. No palate will be disappointed with these two sauces. If you love spice or hate it, you’ll have at least one delicious sauce to use on anything. You can have Lillies of Charleston Hot Sauce if you want to get the mustard BBQ sauces and the other collection in one product. 

Lillie’s of Charleston’s story starts over 70 years ago, when Hank Tisdale stayed with his Aunt Lillie over the summers. The duo would cook everything together, from barbecue rib tips to sweet potato pie and flakey homemade rolls.

Each summer he would go back to visit his Aunt Lillie, learning all of her recipes. He brought his cooking skills back home and taught his daughter Tracey what he learned. Tracey then used what her dad taught her and what Aunt Lillie taught her dad to create Lillie’s of Charleston where you can taste the same things Hank was tasting back in 1950!

There is another variants that you may also try. It's Hot Gift Pack, if you want another taste for your dish.

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