Lillies of Charleston

Mild Gift Pack


This Mild Gift Pack from Lillie’s of Charleston features their best-selling mild goods! Each of the company’s all-natural products are handmade in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Special Blend Hot Sauce (5 ounces) is perfect for any meal of the day, whether it be on hash browns for breakfast or on meats for dinner. This thick, flavorful, original hot sauce is spicy enough to notice, but mild enough for those who don’t want the heat.

The Ho-Lotta Dry Spice Rub (3.5 ounces) is an awesome rub that tastes good on every piece of meat, including seafood, and to season any vegetable you could think of. Any dish you would normally add salt to would taste great with the Ho-Lotta Dry Rub.

The Finger Leek-en Mustard BBQ Sauce (14.8 ounces) is the sauce for your family barbecue cookout. The sauce mixes the sweetness and tanginess of mustard with a variety of different spices to create a smooth hickory taste. For those who is a fan of spicy taste, you would love Lillies of Charleston Hot Sauce. This will escalate the taste of your dish.

Lillie’s of Charleston’s story starts more than 70 years ago, when Hank Tisdale went to visit his Aunt, Lillie, over the summers. They would cook everything together, from barbecue rib tips to delicious sweet potato pie and homemade yeast rolls.

Each summer he would go back to visit his Aunt Lillie, learning each of her recipes. He brought his cooking skills back home and would teach his daughter Tracey what he learned.

Tracey then put to use what her dad taught her and what Aunt Lillie taught her dad to create Lillie’s of Charleston where you can taste the same things Hank was tasting all the way back in 1950!

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