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Magnolia Mixes Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix


What is great about the holidays is that there is often more time to spend with loved ones but between food allergies and time consuming recipes pleasing everyone can be a task. Like all of Magnolia Mixes, their Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix is gluten free and only requires 3 simple ingredients. This means less time measuring, mixing, and chilling, and more time rolling out the fun dough and shaping it into festive figures.

Pull them out to cool before decorating them with kids and family as snowmen, trees, and stars. For other choices, you can also add Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Be sure to order plenty to last you through the season, as Magnolia Mixes’ Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix is a seasonal product and only available for a limited time.

Since 2013 Magnolia’s ovens have been fired up and cranking out delicious baked goods and mixes. Originally Magnolia Bread Company, a small bakery sold regular bread, however, when their gluten free products gained popularity they decided to produce other gluten free products to cater to that specific community. Their goal is to make gluten free products that hold texture, taste, and nutrition. They developed their own blends of flours which inspired them to stop making bread and supply people with mixes to make them in their own home. Magnolia Mixes was born and labors to make supplying healthy treats to consumers simple.

Visit to explore a variety of ways to use their delicious mixes besides what is instructed on the back of the bag.

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