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Magnolia Mixes Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix


The Chocolate Chip Cookie is America's favorite cookie! But if you are gluten free, you may still be searching for a delicious chocolate chip cookie with a taste you love. Magnolia Mixes solves that problem by providing an easy alternative that is simple to bake and serve.

Simply add an egg, milk, and butter and you have delicious cookies in only minutes. We don’t stop there, though, our favorite is to make the cookies ahead to cool and sandwich a slab of ice cream between the two making our own gluten free ice cream sandwich. Sometimes we even add extra chocolate chips or other sweet bites into the mix for another flavor.

Every sweet always needs a sprinkle of salt on top too! Through the testing of many recipes and the study of the unique characteristics of gluten free grains, Magnolia Mixes has developed a cookie mix which will enable you to bake gluten free chocolate chip cookies which you will love! If you are a fan of other gluten free product, Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix definitely you can't miss!

You can quickly and simply bake gourmet, bakery style cookies in your kitchen! Since 2013 Magnolia’s ovens have been fired up. Originally Magnolia Bread Company, the bakery sold regular bread but when their gluten free products gained popularity they began to produce other gluten free products to cater to that specific community.

Their goal is to create gluten free products that maintain texture, taste, and nutrition. They created their own blends of flours which eventually inspired them to stop making bread and supply people with mixes to make them in their own home.

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