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Complete Cajun Cookbook: 100 Home-Cooked Bayou Classics

Author: Ryan Boudreaux

Cook like a Cajun with 100 authentic recipes

Cajun food has deep roots in home-style country cooking and the rich heritage of Cajun culture, which combine to create unique flavors you can't find anywhere else. The Complete Cajun Cookbook makes it simple to capture those flavors in your own kitchen, with detailed instructions for mastering regional cooking techniques and a comprehensive collection of beloved recipes.

What differentiates this book from other New Orleans cookbooks:

  • An overview of Cajun cooking--Get a crash course on the history of Cajun cuisine, and learn how to master regional cooking techniques.
  • Tips for stocking a Cajun kitchen--Discover the ingredients that set Cajun cuisine apart, and find an easy recipe for throwing together your own Cajun seasoning.
  • Classic and creative recipes--Explore an enticing mix of traditional favorites and modern Cajun cooking, from Seafood Gumbo to Corn Maque Choux.

Bring home the vibrant flavors of New Orleans with this top choice in Louisiana cookbooks.

About the Author
Boudreaux, Ryan: -

RYAN BOUDREAUX was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has more than 37 years of professional culinary experience in and around New Orleans. He has a wealth of food knowledge that he loves to share in his cookbooks and on his blog,

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