980 Sauce

Brava Buffalo (10-ounce)


This 10-ounce bottle of Brava Buffalo Sauce is the creation of 980 Sauce in Charleston, South Carolina. This Brava Buffalo sauce mixes vinegar and habaneros from Panama to create a wonderful mix of tangy and spicy.

It has the perfect amount of heat. Just enough heat for you to feel it, but not so strong that you can’t breathe. That tang from the vinegar will slowly turn into a burn that’s just noticeable enough to enjoy.

This Brava Buffalo Sauce is a great sauce for any occasion, toss your chicken wings in it and you’ll have an unbeatable blend of spicy and tangy on your buffalo wings. The sauce tastes great no matter how you use it, whether it be on the grill, oven, or straight out of the bottle. In addition to wings, try it on tacos, chicken, and mixed vegetables, or use it as a marinade for any piece of meat. Once you try this sauce, you need to try Garlic Mustard Sauce which is also the creation of the 980 Sauce team in Charleston, South Carolina.

Alexis Gallardo and Smith Anderson started 980 Sauce after they ran into each other at an airport in Panama. The two had similar backgrounds and shared a deep love for food of all kinds. Alexis’s family owned a food manufacturing company in Panama City, and everything immediately fell into place.

They believe that Panama has some of the best, fresh and natural vegetables and wanted to start a company sharing Panamanian culture and sauces with the world. Now the business is flourishing, mouths are flaming, and the two couldn’t be happier with the product that they get to share with the country.

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