Colts Chocolate

Bolt Bites


Colts Chocolate Bolt Bites are the bite-sized version of Colts’ highly popular Bolt. The chocolate begins with a creamy peanut butter that is whipped into a mousse before it is topped with a whole roasted almond and encased in milk chocolate. Although ingestible in one bite, it is likely that you’ll reach for many more, so we suggest ordering in bulk!

These are the perfect mid-day treat or dessert to sit on the table at your next holiday gathering. Ideal for corporate gifts or small tokens of appreciation, the Bolt Bites are sure to win over others. These bites are a true taste of Nashville, too — their home city. They can be found in specialty shops, hotels, and boutiques, but order them here where they’re accessible all of the time.

Our favorite way to eat them is by the campfire. Substitute out the basic chocolate bar that you carry to the backyard or campsite and smash a Colts Chocolate Bolt Bite between two graham crackers and a gooey marshmallow for a smore that is fit for an award. The bolt bite combine with Broadway Grahams Colts Chocolate will be a perfect match!

Founded in 1984, Colts Chocolate Company came from humble beginnings in Nashville, Tennessee. The original owner, Mackenzie Colt, put her hand and heart into the creation of amazing desserts and chocolates. The sweet treats soon became highly sought after by friends, family, and others. Ever since then, the Colt family has worked to provide one-of-a-kind chocolates and other craft sweets to those in search of small-batch, gourmet bites.