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Blueberry Honey Drinking Shrub (8-ounce Jar)


Organic blueberries, sage, and parsley with honey apple cyser vinegar in a flask. Welcome a healthy and flavorful change to mass-produced beverages. This prebiotic and probiotic is called the Blue Sage Honey Shrub, and it's a flavorful and healthy tonic to start your day. Enhance your water, hot teas, sparkling and soda waters, or flavor and enrich your cocktails. Bring it to the party, and become the life of the party. Who can say no to blueberries?

This unique combination of prebiotics and probiotics gets the gut moving. It’s alive with raw honey, fruits, herbs within a special apple honey vinegar reduction, both tasty and healthy. Think on this: because about 70% of your immune system lives in your gut, why not take care of your gut each day and have something great at the same time? 

This product is non-GMO and gluten free. It contains no raw sugars, additives, preservatives or sulfites.

This product contains real, raw ingredients that can settle or rise to the top. For that reason, shake vigorously before use and refrigerate after opening.

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