Bertie County Peanuts

Bertie County Peanuts Boiled Peanuts


Every boiled peanut should be salted, but these take the cake when it comes to a dynamic flavor profile that can’t be gleaned from iodized salts. Sea salt right from the Virginia waterways, however, makes Bertie County Boiled Green Peanuts delicious and briny like no other. 

Boiled peanuts can take between 1 to 4 hours to cook and absorb all of the briny broth in which they’re cooked. Luckily, Bertie County Boiled Peanuts do all of the time and labor-intensive work for you and you can have boiled peanuts in minutes. They’re ideal to set out as bites for a gathering or cocktail party or for a quick and protein-packed snack. You can sprinkle them with cayenne pepper or paprika as a finishing touch before serving to take the already-salty snack to the next savory level. 

Boiled peanuts are a Southern tradition, and Bertie County Peanuts has a reputation as one of the South's leading growers. When you heat these up, you will be able to close your eyes and almost smell the salt air and hear the pounding surf on North Carolina's Outer Banks. 

About Bertie County Peanuts

Bertie County Peanuts is named for its home base. The county is located in Windsor, North Carolina (the northeastern region of North Carolina–close to the Virginia border) and surrounded by beautiful waterways. These waterways create a perfect rich, fertile, sandy soil just right for growing some of the best peanuts in the country–that’s why they like to say that “our secret’s in the soil.” 

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