Beautiful Briny Sea

Beautiful Briny Sea | Pocketful of Starlight Vanilla Sugar


Behind Beautiful Briny Sea are creative minds that make some of the appealing finishing salts and sugars on the market, and they’re just as delicious as they look. Their Pocketful of Starlight Vanilla Sugar is made with organic cane sugar and AA Madagascar vanilla beans—the best ingredients for the best flavor. 

This flavorful and rich sugar is meant for adding sweetness and warmth to your foods and drinks. Sprinkle it over french toast, iced cupcakes, bake it on top of a cookie, or use it on the rim of your next cocktail for a sweet greeting on the edge of you or your guest’s libation. You can also add scoops of the Pocketful of Starlight Vanilla Sugar to your next batch of hot cocoa for a flavor that no one will be able to resist.  

Fl avorful Dive into Beautiful Briny Sea

Beautiful Briny Sea—the company behind this delicious sugar—is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They craft their salts and sugars in small-batches with sustainability and integrity in mind. In 2011, Chef Suzi Sheffield was on the hunt for new adventures while continuing her culinary career. With a family background of farmers and bakers, her passion for all things home-grown and handmade led her to develop the salts and sugars of Beautiful Briny Sea. 

In addition to their Pocketful of Starlight Vanilla Sugar, their wide range of flavor-infused finishing salts are the perfect way to rim your Bloody Mary, add to salad dressings, or dress up your vegetables. 

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