Pine Street Market

Bacon Jam


This 6-ounce jar of Bacon Jam from Pine Street Market is handmade locally in Georgia. The Bacon Jam is the mix of everything you love: jams, spreads, and meat. It goes great with Summer Spice or anything but toss it on a grilled cheese and you’ll never eat such a simple sandwich the same again.

The jam is packed full with bacon, garlic, onions, cider vinegar, molasses, and delectable blend of spices. The perfect mix of bitter, sweet, and sour leaves you speechless after you try it. The bacon in the jam is pasture raised Heritage Bacon and has no hormones or antibiotics. It’s as natural as bacon can get!

Rusty Bowers started Pine Street Market on a whim that sometimes the old ways of doing things are better than the new. Rusty spent countless years in some of the finest dining establishments in the United States, but his revelation came when he visited Europe.

He noticed that the people in Europe seemed to be so connected with their food. People treated animals differently there. People treated animals humanely, practicing sustainable farming methods and reducing food waste by finding ways to enjoy every piece of meat from the animal. Rusty brought that same idea back to the United States and started Pine Street Market.

His idea is to connect people with real, honest food and to educate his customers just as much as he feeds them. 

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