AR's Hot Southern Honey

AR’s® Spicy Honey Peanut Butter


As wonderful as peanut butter is on its own, we do a lot to doctor it up: We sweeten it with honey, swirl it with chocolate, match it with jelly, and so on to diversify its flavor. AR’s Hot Southern Honey does this and so much more, elevating the typical nut butter to a zippy, spiced condiment with just the right touch of sweetness.

AR’s Spicy Honey Peanut Butter is the original hot honey peanut butter. It cherry-picks flavors from around the South: Virginia peanuts, wildflower and clover honey, and habanero and ghost peppers. The ingredients blend together into a spread that is simultaneously rich, floral, sweet, and spicy, ready to elevate jam, a piece of toast, or stir fry.

The honey in AR’s Spicy Honey Peanut Butter comes from Appalachian beehives and is produced in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Throughout the extraction and production process, the all-natural honey stays unpasteurized and unfiltered, and it’s the only sweetener found in the peanut butter.

AR’s Spicy Honey Peanut Butter Does It All

Don’t let the mention of spice deter you—use this product as you would any other peanut butter: in a sandwich, on toast, drizzled over a granola bowl. Its unexpected flavor makes it fun in the kitchen. Add it to Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian dishes, such as ramen, or toss noodles with it. Mix it into a dipping sauce for spring rolls, chicken satay, and lettuce wraps. You can even add it to desserts, such as drizzling over ice cream or incorporating it into cookies, for a sweet treat with plenty of depth.


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