AR's Hot Southern Honey

AR’s® Hot-Hot Southern Honey


Striking the perfect balance of sweet clover flavors and wildflower honeys with the hot and smoky taste of habanero peppers, AR’s Hot-Hot Southern Honey will add heat to your cheese, pizza, or ice cream. Drizzle it over fried chicken, or try it out in your next homemade dressing or marinade. Compared to AR’s Hot-Mild Southern Honey, the heat intensity of this hot-hot habanero-infused honey is more robust—rather than a spicy sting at the end, the heat comes sooner and lingers longer.

 AR’s Hot-Hot Southern Honey is produced in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  This all-natural, non-ultrafiltered hot-hot honey contains raw, 100% pure honey sourced from Appalachian hives and real habanero peppers. All of AR’s hot honeys are free of artificial sugar, additives, preservatives, vinegar, or extracts and are gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

100% pure wildflower and clover honeys and real habanero peppers.

Squeezable plastic bottle with flip-top cap.

12-ounce bottle.


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