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For over a decade, the Boardsmith has been hailed as one of the premier makers of butcher blocks, including these singular mosaic cutting boards. The company’s reputation has been hard-built, starting with an honest approach to both quality and craftsmanship.

Thousands of small pieces of high-quality maple, walnut, and cherry are meticulously combined to craft these one-of-a-kind ‘mosaic’ cutting boards. Size 12x18x2. Each creation is completely unique; pictures are just a few of the possibilities. As a made-to-order product, no one else will have a cutting board quite like yours.

All three of the hardwoods used by the Boardsmith are used in this mosaic board. In terms of durability, the combination has the perfect balance of scratch resistance and gentleness on knife edges. The wood features deep chocolate tones with lighter streaks of sapwood, blonde maple colors, and deep oranges from cherry.  

The Boardsmith cutting boards are specially designed and made right here in the United States and make for the perfect gift for others or for yourself. They’re made with high-quality hardwoods and Titebond III glue, which is EPA approved, food safe, and waterproof. Their design makes them functional and beautiful for chopping, serving, or a celebratory cheese board.

Meet the Boardsmiths Behind the Mosiac Board

David Smith founded the Boardsmith in High Point, North Carolina—America’s furniture capital—in 2005. He steadily built a reputation for building some of the finest butcher blocks in the world. John Loftis took over the Boardsmith upon David’s retirement in 2015. Having crafted thousands of cutting boards prior to assuming the mantle of the Boardsmith, Loftis was a great fit to carry on the tradition of excellence of the brand.

Each board is made by hand  and carefully crafted; please allow two to three weeks delivery time so we can provide you with the highest quality handmade cutting board to use for many years.

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