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Spices Smokehouse Crackers


We often think of crackers as an afterthought: A vehicle to deliver a delicious bite of cheese or dip. The supporting role, never the star of the show. However, one bite of Spices Smokehouse’s addictively crunchy, seasoned crackers subverts all such notions. The Original Spicy was the first, perfected, creation from Spices Smokehouse. Imagine if the typical, humble Saltine cracker got thrown into a fryer then doused in a blend of smoky seasonings, and you’d have the Smokehouse Cracker. And for the snacker who likes a little sweetness with the smoke, the Bar-B-Q flavor packs the taste of a backyard cookout. Crisp, flavorful, and buttery beyond belief, these crackers rarely last more than one sitting.

Smokehouse Crackers began as a side project for Lynn Entrekin, chef, caterer, and co-founder of Spices Smokehouse. After trying one similarly seasoned cracker from a friend, Entrekin immediately began making her own. She riffed on the original recipe until she came up with the Original Spicy flavor. The crackers stayed separate from the mom-and-pop business—relegated to online sales—until 2017 when Spices Smokehouse met the popular demand and launched their product for wholesale distribution across the country. It’s garnered love from spice fanatics and snackers since, earning accolades, including winning the Salty Snack category at the 2021 Fiery Food Productions.

Snack Attack the Smokehouse Cracker

It goes without saying that these crackers are snack enough on their own. Put a bowl of them out for friends when entertaining or pack them for a roadtrip. If you’re looking to spice up (sorry) ways to use Smokehouse Crackers, try them crushed and crumbled over soup or in the place of breadcrumbs for baked macaroni and cheese.

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