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Southern Snacks

Snacks garner a lot of love and for good reason: They help us make friends in new situations and pick us up when we’re low. We can take these portable treats anywhere: to the office, the soccer field, in the car. And few food groups attract the same following and legacy as Southern snacks.

In the South, some of us grew up eating our grandmother’s legendary benne wafers and candied pecans. Others view the can of Virginia peanuts in their pantry as a staple item. We know that no hors d’oeuvres course is complete without pimento cheese, and few Southern holidays kick off until the cheese straws appear.  

The Local Palate Marketplace offers foodies and home cooks a vast assortment of specialty ingredients, craft barbecue sauces, small-batch roasted coffees, and regional delicacies sourced from artisan makers throughout the South. The shop’s robust selection of Southern snacks provides flavors of home-style treats whenever the hunger hits, from the 11 am stomach grumbles to the pre-dinner cocktail hour.

Nibbling Our Way through Southern Snacks

The snacks you find on the Local Palate Marketplace go beyond the typical grocery store and gas station snack aisles. These Southern snacks get made by small-business restaurateurs and gourmands who take their craft seriously and make each product with care. The majority also use local ingredients, so you really do taste the South in every bite. For sweet treats to round out your savory snacking, check out the selection of quality chocolates, confections, and desserts on Marketplace. If you’re still hungry for more, the Pantry items help home cooks get a Southern dinner on the table in no time at all.

  • Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon

    Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon from Bourbon Barrel Foods is rich, thick-cut, and coated with Bourbon Smoked Pepper. The combination of the hefty helping of pork and dynamic flavors from smoked bourbon barrels makes for slices that can grace anything that comes out of your kitchen. It all starts with hickory-smoked bacon that is then cured with salt, sugar, and Bourbon Barrel Foods’ own signature Bourbon Smoked Pepper.Transform your classic bacon or BLT sandwich into something gourmet, or up your bloody mary garnish game with a slice of bacon. Breakfast won’t taste, or smell, the same after you fry up a pan of this bacon to eat or blend into a bacon jam. Gift the popular Kentucky commodity or have it as a mainstay in your larder. Order extra Bourbon Smoked Pepper for your other meats, too, or to rim a bloody mary. Bourbon Barrel Foods has an expansive collection of gourmet foods that showcase the history of Kentucky’s world-renowned Bourbon Country. All of their items are handcrafted in small batches in Louisville, Kentucky. They utilize reclaimed barrels straight from Kentucky’s finest distilleries as an aging and smoking agent. Their popular “EAT YOUR BOURBON” slogan embodies this idea and has catapulted many of their products to the forefront of the culinary scene. Bourbon Barrel Foods’ Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon arrives unrefrigerated, so don’t be alarmed if it arrives at room temperature.  



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