Southern Foods and Southern Gifts from the Local Palate Marketplace

In the spirit of gift giving but don’t know where to start? The Local Palate Marketplace has one-of-a-kind options made by Southern small businesses. These food gifts are terrific for all levels of home cook to help expand their palate while introducing them to some of the South’s finest flavors.

Grab an array of Cajun spice rubs and holiday salts for those who regularly grill but are searching for some way to shake things up. Check out the food gift packs the Local Palate Marketplace offers to equip chefs with the essentials for barbecue, shrimp and grits, and gumbo. Give a friend some yummy Virginia peanuts and pickled peanuts to stock the snack shelf.  Buy fine oils for flavors of white truffle and smoke to add umami punches to dishes. You’ve heard of mug cakes, but have you ever heard of cake jars? Cake jars are perfectly made to give as a food gift to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

Southern Gifts Galore and More on The Local Palate Marketplace

The Local Palate Marketplace has more than just Southern gifts. Restock the bar with smoky bitters, syrups, and a quality bloody mary mixes to be ready for the next party. Or, try great craft cocktail salts and South Carolina-brined olives. Get exceptional oysters cultivated in the Gulf coast delivered to your door. Round out the baker’s cabinet with exotic vanilla extracts and biscuit mixes. When you buy from the Local Palate Marketplace, you’re supporting the South’s small business owners, who are happy to provide Southern essentials for the kitchen.

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