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  • Whiskey Caramel Pecan Brownie

    Colts Chocolate Whiskey Caramel Pecan Brownie

    These aren’t your average brownies. Each layer of filling gives way to a different flavor that makes this a dessert that you can’t get from anywhere besides Colts Chocolate. The Whiskey Caramel Pecan Brownie is packed with rich, dark chocolate, pecans buried in fudge, buttery and salty notes, and a distinct whiskey note all topped with a layer of silky ganache. Colts has done all of the hard work for you and all that you have to do is sit the brownie out to thaw before serving to a hungry room.These can be sliced and served in any size you want. They’re ideal for serving at birthdays, around the holidays, and other special occasions. You can serve them along with White Chocolate Pecan Pie. They also make great gifts to ship to those that you won’t be able to see in person to celebrate with. About Colts Chocolates Colts Chocolate Company is a high end, crafted-by-hand chocolatier based in Nashville, Tennessee. It was in 1984 that Mackenzie Colt founded Colts Chocolate Company in her hometown of music city. As the original owner, Mackenzie Colt put her hands and heart into the making of delicious chocolates and other desserts. The sweet treats that she cooked up in her own kitchen soon became famous and were ordered by friends, family, and, eventually, customers. Ever since going public, the Colts have provided the highest quality of one-of-a-kind, gourmet chocolates and numerous other quality crafted treats to those with a strong sweet tooth. There are few chocolate producers that have as much craft, sweetness, and soul as Colts.

  • Sweet & Salty Snack Box

    Food for the Southern Soul Sweet & Salty Snack Box

    For the ultimate Southerner’s snack pack, look no farther than this dynamic duo of traditional cheese straws and benne wafers in the Sweet and Salty Snack Box. Both the straws and crispy cookies reflect essential treats from kitchens throughout the Lowcountry and beyond. The benne wafer is Charleston’s signature sweet, and the savory cheddar-loaded cheese straws are a hallmark of the South’s holiday season (though we love them any time of year!). The benne wafers skip the saccharine sweetness of most cookies, relying on toasted sesame seeds and browned butter for a distinctive flavor. While delicious on their own, try subbing them for crackers with pimento cheese or chicken salad, or serve them with ice cream or you can just add them with savory snack like Peach Chutney. It's gonna be perfect! The cheese straws definitely supply the savory elements in the Sweet and Salty Snack Box. Loaded with aged cheddar cheese and baked to crunchy perfection, they marry all the best elements of cheese and crackers—just no knife or cutting board required! Nosh on them by themselves, pair them with red wine for an easy aperitif, or treat them like croutons on a green salad or bowl of tomato soup. Cheese Straws and Benne Wafers: Better Together United together in the Sweet and Salty Snack Box, the goodies send a wonderful gift to anyone craving a taste of the South or folks in need of a little exposure to what they’re missing. Beyond gifting, the pack is great to have on hand for easy hors d’oeuvres, portable road trip snacks, and lunchbox treats. Created by the Food for the Southern Soul brand, these are just two of many delightful snacks that bring flavors of the Lowcountry and other Southern regions to your pantry.


  • Pancake and Waffle Mix

    Adluh Flour Company Pancake and Waffle Mix

    One of Adluh’s top-sellers, this mix only requires water or milk to be added to create a perfect breakfast. Their mix makes one of the lightest, fluffiest pancakes you'll ever try.


  • Spicy Pimento Cheese Chips

    Lowcountry Kettle Chips Spicy Pimento Cheese Chips

    Pimento cheese and potato chips. What could be better? These crunchy kettle chips feature the Lowcountry's favorite cheese spread—with a touch of heat! Snack on them when you're craving a cheesy, crunchy treat. Made in Charleston by Lowcountry Kettle Chips.

  • Hostess Provisions Seasoning Trio

    Hostess Provisions Hostess Provisions Seasoning Trio

    This is a set of signature spice blends from Hostess Provisions inspired by classic recipes of the Hostess City. The set includes Pimento Cheese Seasoning, Tomato Sandwich Seasoning, and Pickled Shrimp Seasoning. Gluten-free. Contains Dairy.


  • Peach Chutney

    Food for the Southern Soul Peach Chutney

    Chutney–an intriguing cross between pickled vegetables and preserves–is about as representative of the Southern pantry as a bag of grits. The condiment itself boasts ties to global origins–imagine the chutneys found in Indian or Caribbean cuisine. From place to place, the fruit and sugar base gets paired with various spices, seasonings, onions, garlic, or vinegars to create a product that complements other regional flavors. A traditional Southern chutney doesn’t get much more classic than this Peach Chutney. Made from fresh, regionally grown peaches, it’s an instant taste of summer that lasts through the dead of winter. Delicately sweetened, textured, and slightly tangy, this spread brings a sweet dimension to meats or cheese plates.  This Charleston Favorites Peach Chutney comes from the Food for the Southern Soul brand, created by gourmand and restaurateur Jimmy Hagood. Food for the Southern Soul celebrates the quintessential foods and flavors of the Lowcountry, Appalachia, Gulf, Piedmont, and beyond. Among the chutney, offerings range from other condiments, such as pepper jelly and barbecue sauce, to ingredients like coarse-ground grits to artisanal gumbo. Our Favorite Ways to Use Peach Chutney Don’t let this spread’s peachiness deter you–it shines in savory applications and brings brightness to meaty, rich foods. Serve it with pork chops, chicken, Sweet and Salty Snack or a flaky white fish. Or use it to dress up appetizers: Try dipping spring rolls into it, or dollop it over pimento cheese and crackers. For more ways to dress up your cooking, check out our selection of other condiments on Marketplace.


  • Marie McGhee Bumble Bees

    Colts Chocolate Marie McGhee Bumble Bees

    There are very few things that are sweeter than honey. Marie McGhee’s Bumble Bees from Colts Chocolates are one of them. Layers of house made, buttery, salted caramel is layered over crisp pecans before it is all coated in luscious Colts Chocolate. Each bite is filled with a delicious combination of crunch, chew, and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Fill Easter baskets, stockings, or Halloween bags to the brim with a variety of Colts chocolates, but especially with their individually wrapped Marie McGhee’s Bumble Bees. Gift the addictive bites to loved ones and chocolate lovers alike for a present that is sure to deliver happiness.It was in 1984 that Mackenzie Colt founded Colts Chocolate Company in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. The Marie McGhee’s Bumble Bee are named as a familial tribute to Mackenzie’s beloved and inspiring mother. Being the original owner, Colt put her heart and hands into the creation of delicious chocolates and other desserts like Colts Chocolate Covered Marshmallows. The Puffy gourmet marshmallows covered in irresistible chocolate are a simple and understated treat. The sweet treats that she made in her kitchen soon became famous and were sought after by friends, family, and, eventually, customers. Ever since going public, the Colt family has provided the highest quality of gourmet, one-of-a-kind chocolates and other quality craft sweets to those with a strong sweet tooth. Each order comes in your choice of either a bag or a box for convenient gifting or consuming. We suggest you stock up, though, because once they’re in your hands they’re sure to go quickly.


  • Biscuit Mix with Yellow Flakes

    Adluh Flour Company Biscuit Mix with Yellow Flakes

    A complete Southern biscuit mix in a bag! Adluh’s biscuit mix creates the perfect fluffy, flaky biscuit and only requires the milk (or buttermilk) of your choice. Their secret is that the butterflake is already in the mix so as it bakes, the butter melts inside the biscuit dough creating the perfect Southern biscuit. Take it from us, you won’t be able to eat just one. 


  • Stone Ground White Grits

    Adluh Flour Company Stone Ground White Grits

    True traditional stone ground white grits milled in Adluh’s Columbia, South Carolina facilities from local corn. Their grits will be some of the creamiest and most flavorful grits you've ever tasted. 

  • Sister's Sauce Bloody Mary Mix

    Sister's Sauce Sister's Sauce Bloody Mary Mix

    Sister's Sauce Bloody Mary mix is a true Southern classic that doesn't need any secret ingredients to make it this good. Sister's Sauce uses the highest quality tomato juice, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, horseradish, Tabasco, salt, pepper and garlic salt they can find and finish it off with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce to produce an extremely delicious mix that you can drink all day. 

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Barrel Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract

    Try Bourbon Barrel Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract from Bourbon Barrel Foods for all baking needs. The vanilla extract is aged in bourbon barrels that are directly from Kentucky’s best distilleries. Aging in the white oak barrels results in a flavor that is rich, sweet, and aromatic in vanilla with a hint of bourbon. The best part is that it reflects some Southern heritage and charm of the Bluegrass State.  Bourbon Barrel Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract is a great addition to your baking shelf’s ingredients. Use it to liven up the classic pecan pie with a rich vanilla to compliment the savory pecans. Don’t forget to add some whipped cream to pies and desserts. This vanilla extract will add a hint of bourbon to the fluffy treat to make a delectable topping for anything.  Or, just eat it off the spoon…yummy! Put a dash into the holiday eggnog to sip and get a taste of Kentucky’s bourbons. Bourbon Barrel Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract from Bourbon Barrel Foods is one of many products they create that makes a great gift. All items are handmade in Louisville, Kentucky, and infuse bourbon essence in some way. Why? Because Bourbon Barrel Foods wants you to be able to “Eat Your Bourbon.” Take the spirits drink out of the glass and put it onto your plate with the famous Bluegrass Soy Sauce and Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt. Or, read recipes from the “Eat Your Bourbon” cookbook where owner Matt Jamie shares some of his favorite ideas from breakfast to dessert to drinks. 


  • Seasoned Peanut Triplet

    Virginia Diner Seasoned Peanut Triplet

    Virginia Diner's Seasoned Peanut Triplet includes all the goodness of their Salted Virginia Peanuts, Old Bay Peanuts, and Zatarain's Spicy Cajun Peanuts.


  • Smoked Orange Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Smoked Orange Bitters

    Add a smokey flavor to all of your cocktails.  These Smoked Orange Bitters offer the flavors of classic orange bitters and a subtle smoke flavor to kick up any cocktail.


  • Creole Gumbo

    Food for the Southern Soul Creole Gumbo

    The flavorful, spiced Creole roots of Gumbo go beyond any particular recipe—they touch on the very history of the Louisiana-born stew. Its name derives from the west African word for okra, and the roux comes from French culinary techniques. It was served during the 1803 gubernatorial reception in New Orleans and has grown in popularity and variations across the South over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Chefs and home cooks throughout the region have long perfected recipes they covet. A batch made from scratch can take hours to prepare, but if you want instant satisfaction, this Creole Gumbo from Food for the Southern Soul offers a fast route to the Bayou. The tomato-based stew pulls warmth from bell peppers and texture from okra, and it does the heavy lifting when it comes to getting dinner on the table. Simply add a few shrimp to the soup when you’re about to take it off the heat and then serve over rice. But if you want some sweetness forward but still rooted in heat, the Slow Burn Peach Grilling Sauce and BlackJack Barbecue is an excellent, versatile addition for everyday cooking. Why Food for the Southern Soul Gumbo? Made by Food for the Southern Soul, this Creole Gumbo is just one of many pantry meals, snacks, and ingredients that celebrate the South’s diverse and storied cooking traditions. Products, such as Charleston Gold rice to cheese straws and coarse-ground grits, bring flavors from the Gulf, Lowcountry, Chesapeake, Piedmont, Appalachia, and everywhere in between to tables around the country. Keep this base for Creole Gumbo on hand for whenever a craving strikes (tonight, perhaps?), or use it as a base for other soups or stews, such as bouillabaisse.


  • AR's Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot Southern Honey

    AR's Hot Southern Honey AR’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot Southern Honey

    Winner of Virginia Living’s 2018 Made in Virginia award. AR’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot-Hot Southern Honey is the world’s first-ever spicy honey aged in repurposed bourbon barrels in collaboration with VA based, Ironclad Distillery.  It begins with a blend of sweet clover, wildflower honeys, and extra-spicy habanero peppers before spending three months aging in charred white oak bourbon barrels. The final product imbues AR’s hallmark sweet and hot honey with powerful notes of bourbon, caramel, chocolate, and vanilla. Serve AR’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot-Hot Southern Honey with charcuterie or drizzle it over ice cream for an unmatched sweet heat. Say goodbye to pancake syrup too, because this serves as a perfect alternative and will surely spice up your breakfast!


  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Vegetarian Worcestershire Sauce

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire gets its unique blend from mixing sorghum for sweetness with limestone spring water from Kentucky. The sauce absorbs the barrel flavor that was once used to age the finest Kentucky bourbons. Explore the flavors of exotic spice, umami, and oak in each drop. Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire is all natural and vegetarian. The subtle yet exceptional flavor is great for marinades, sauces, or even by itself.  Add some flare to a classic burger that will make your mouth water with the taste of smokey oak. Bloody marys will have a bitter-sweet surprise in every sip. Marinade any meats in the sauce for flavorful smoke and exotic taste. Or simply top your eggs with some Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce to get the kick needed to start the day. Before Bourbon Aged Worcestershire Sauce, Bourbon Barrel Foods owner Matt Jamie went through several experiments to find the right barrels to start bringing bourbon to the plate. Read his story and try must-have recipes from his cookbook “Eat Your Bourbon.” Recipes from drink, appetizers, and desserts for all levels of chefs using an assortment of Bourbon Barrel Food’ products to get the classic smokey bourbon flavor that will have guests asking for more. Food collections are handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky, so you can take the Bluegrass State flavor wherever you go. Try soy sauce, spices, snacks, and more. Find an assortment of gourmet foods and cocktails at Bourbon Barrel Foods on the Local Palate Marketplace.


  • AR’s Southern Clover Honey

    AR's Hot Southern Honey AR’s Southern Clover Honey

    100% Pure Clover Honey 12oz Squeeze Bottle All-natural, Unpasteurized, and Non-Ultrafiltered. No Artificial Sugar, Additives, or Preservatives Gluten-free and Paleo-Friendly. AR’s Southern Clover Honey is classic all-purpose honey. Mild and naturally sweet, this traditional clover honey brings the signature AR flavorful brightness to dishes without any of the signature AR heat. Drizzle AR’s Southern Clover Honey over roasted vegetables, yogurt, baked brie, or pizza, and use it as an ingredient in dressings, marinades, or cocktails. It is sure to transform any of your favorite foods to the next level with the squeeze of a bottle.


  • Heirloom Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix

    Altman Farm Heirloom Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix

    Non GMO Rare heirloom grains in every bag Made in Florence, South Carolina Contains wheat and dairy Made with Altman Farm's stone-ground heirloom corn, this Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix is perfect for your breakfast sweet tooth—all you need is an egg, butter, and milk (or water) and you'll have the perfect crispy, fluffy waffle or pancake. The secret here is that the buttermilk is already in the mix! So skip the buttermilk and use whole milk for the lightest, fluffiest pancakes possible. 


  • Charleston Favorites Pickled Okra

    Food for the Southern Soul Charleston Favorites Pickled Okra

    Recipes, like gumbo and red rice, often incorporate okra for a snap of crunchy-goes-creamy texture. However, pickled okra is one of the easiest ways to keep it on hand. It’s a staple in pantries across the South. While you can make it from scratch, it takes weeks or even a month of waiting for it to settle into crisp, tangy perfection. A shortcut that’s just as delicious as the homemade version is a jar of Charleston Favorites Pickled Okra. Specialty foods creator and restaurateur Jimmy Hagood saw the principal role that pickled okra plays in the Southern household. He introduced it into his Food for the Southern Soul brand as part of the Charleston Favorites collection. Food for the Southern Soul celebrates the signature foods and flavors of the Gulf, Appalachia, Lowcountry, Piedmont, and beyond. Pickled Okra is just the start of it: The offerings include assorted condiments, ingredients, and snacks that range from pepper jelly to peach chutney and coarse-ground grits to artisanal gumbo. And the thing you don't wanna left is Mr. Jimmie’s Fire Roasted Tomato Bloody Mary, it brings Southern flavors to tables around the country with treats like fruit chutney, benne wafers, cheese straws, gumbo, and grits. You may also like the Pickled Pink Variety 4-Pack by Pickled Pink Gourmet. Pickled Okra: Think Outside of the Jar We love munching on Pickled Okra straight from the jar, but we’d be remiss to use it for that alone. Use it as cornichons on a pate plate or charcuterie spread. Or try garnishing a Bloody Mary or hot and dirty with a spear. Chop it up and add to salads for a zippy crunch, and Pickled Okra will even make an unexpected topping on a fried chicken sandwich. If you have guests over and need an appetizer—fast—a plate of okra stuffed with cream cheese is always a winner in our book.


  • Chicken Scratch Rub

    Southern Soul BBQ Chicken Scratch Rub

    Southern Soul's Chicken Scratch Rub will send all of your poultry dishes into the stratosphere with how much it enhances your dishes flavors.


  • Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix

    Jazz up the classic bloody mary cocktail with this bloody mary mix from Bourbon Barrel Foods. Get a smoky, savory taste like no other. This mix is handcrafted with tomato juice, their vegetarian Bourbon Barrel-Aged Worcestershire Sauce, bourbon-smoked spices, a dash of hot sauce, horseradish, and cold-pressed lemon and lime juices for a fresh citrus tang. The delicious combination is then aged in white oak barrels directly repurposed from Kentucky distilleries to infuse smoke and bourbon flavors for the ultimate bloody mary mix. Refresh your palate from fruity cocktails and intense liquors for a cocktail that will hit just right. Beyond the bourbon aged and smoked bloody mary mix, Bourbon Barrel Foods proves why Kentucky is Bourbon Country with its gourmet collection of infusing bourbon in everything. Why? Owner Matt Jamie wanted to bring Kentucky’s famous bourbon industry to the plate. That’s why the company’s initiative is “Eat Your Bourbon.” It all started with Jamie teaching himself how to make a soy sauce that was unique to represent the Bluegrass State. After several trial and errors, he found that aging his recipe in barrels recently used in distilleries created bourbon flavors of smoke and oak for an unmatched sauce. Bluegrass Soy Sauce put Bourbon Barrel Foods on the map. Since then, Bourbon Barrel Foods has put bourbon in all their products in some way, shape, or form. Their Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix is no exception. While you sip your bloody mary, sip on some of the best bourbon flavors Kentucky has to offer.  


  • Kentuckyaki Sauce

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki™

    Try Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki–teriyaki sauce made Kentucky style and flare. Shake up marinades and dipping sauces with this all-natural sweetened sauce that’ll have your tastebuds dancing. This delicious sauce achieves the salty teriyaki flavor with less sodium than other teriyaki brands. Natural sweetness from Kentucky-grown sorghum balances the fresh garlic, ginger, and, of course, bourbon, courtesy of the bluegrass state.  Marinate all kinds of meats. From beef to salmon, Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki will add bold, earthy flavors to your dinner. Use it as a condiment to top your stir-fried vegetables or to dip sushi into for a combined bite of teriyaki and bourbon. The not-so-subtle taste of Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki will certainly shake up your meals. Beyond the Kentuckyaki, Bourbon Barrel Foods has an expansive selection of gourmet foods and products that showcase Kentucky’s history as the world-renowned Bourbon Country. All items are made in small batches in Louisville, Kentucky. They use white oak barrels right after being used to age bourbon in some of Kentucky’s finest distilleries. These repurposed barrels act as a smoking agent.  Aging products in these barrels up to a year or more adds a unique smoky, oaky flavor signature to the spirit. The best part is that you can taste some of Kentucky’s best bourbon while you eat. They proudly claim that you can “Eat Your Bourbon!” Give Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki or other products as a gift to a friend or family member. Embrace some classic Kentucky bourbons into your food.


  • Mango, Mexican Chili, and Vanilla

    Perfectly Cordial Mango, Mexican Chili, and Vanilla

    With the brightness of mango, the spiciness of Mexican chili pepper, and the richness of vanilla, this drink from Perfectly Cordial tastes like vacation in a bottle. Mix it with tequila, rum, or sparkling water for a taste of the tropics. 8-ounce bottle  


  • Hibiscus and Honeycomb

    Perfectly Cordial Hibiscus and Honeycomb

    This refreshing Hibiscus and Honeycomb drink boasts subtle and sweet floral flavors. Made with fresh hibiscus and local honey, it's delicious with vodka, rum, tea, or in marinades. 8-ounce bottle If you really like our hibiscus and honeycomb drinks, we also have a limited edition spring flavored drink made of Pear Rose and Pink Peppercorn. It goes well with your Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey.


  • The Local Palate Magazine | Tableaux Charleston 2022

    The Local Palate Magazine | Tableaux Charleston 2022

    Find stories about Southern food, restaurants, destinations, and the people shaping it in the Local Palate magazine. In these pages, you'll discover exclusive interviews, recipes from Southern chefs, and stories from our team of experts. You can shop for individual issues of past and current magazines through the Local Palate Marketplace.


  • Heirloom Stone Ground Henry Moore Yellow Grits

    Altman Farm Heirloom Stone Ground Henry Moore Yellow Grits

    Available in 6oz. and 16oz. bags Non GMO Rare heirloom grains in every bag Made in Florence, South Carolina Altman Farm's heirloom Stone Ground Henry Moore Yellow Grits are stone-milled to preserve the natural oils and flavors of the heirloom grain. The corn is grown in limited batches, so each bag is just as unique, and delicious, as the next. Altman Farm's 'Quickie Bag' is perfect for a quick meal. Just open the pouch, dump the grits in a pot of boiling water (or liquid of choice), add salt and butter, and soon you'll have some of the best grits you've ever tasted.

  • Griff's Pecan Toffee 12 Pack

    Griff's Toffee Griff's Pecan Toffee 12pk

    This box, filled with 12, 2-ounce packs of Griff’s Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee is handmade in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Graves’ secret family recipe combines the original dark chocolate flavor with nutty pecans for a unique twist that will melt in your mouth. This treat is 100% natural and gluten free. Griff's Pecan Toffee 7-ounce is perfect to eat on its own or to be used in a number of different recipes. There are other product too such as Griff's Coffee Toffee 12 Pack. One great dessert is the Griff’s Pecan Toffee Pecan Pie, that can be assembled in minutes. The recipe serves 8 people and just takes 10 minutes of prep time. This toffee is made in fond memory of Griff Graves, the original confectioner of Griff’s Toffee. Griff and his loved ones spent hours packed in the kitchen and looming over the stove to create a toffee that he loved. After Christy Graves’ mother, Dina, lost her battle with ovarian cancer, the Graves and Griff’s toffee decided they had the platform and the ability to save people’s lives. In memory of Dina, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase are donated to Dina’s Dynasty Ovarian Cancer Fund to help develop a reliable screening method to diagnose ovarian cancer.


  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is a medium roast made with Safai Coffee Company’s 100-percent Arabica beans. These beans are flame-roasted and aged in a bourbon barrel once used for making Kentucky bourbon. During this process, the beans absorb flavor from the wooden barrel that held bourbon at one point in time. Each batch of the coffee beans prepared is ground and tested to ensure that the product is given the perfect roast and aging time. The result is a whole bean coffee with notes of deep chocolate, caramel, and bourbon. While there's no alcohol content, the rich, charred oak lends flavors of the South’s favorite dark spirit.Bourbon Barrel Foods’ Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee makes for the perfect gift especially when it combines with Whiskey Tasting Set for the bourbon lover in your life. It is the ideal bean to grind for sipping each morning, or to set aside for special occasions or to use in spiked Irish coffee. The profile is loaded with flavor and has no need for any cream or sugar. Bourbon Barrel Foods produces a large collection of all-natural, award winning gourmet foods that embrace the history and mystique of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country. All of their items are handcrafted in small batches in Louisville, Kentucky. They use reclaimed barrels straight from Kentucky’s finest bourbon distilleries as both a smoking and aging agent. With the popularity of bourbon continuing to increase, Bourbon Barrel Foods has championed the idea of combining the Kentucky Bourbon Industry with the local food movement. Their popular “EAT YOUR BOURBON” slogan embodies this idea and has catapulted many of their products to the forefront of the culinary scene.


  • Cinnamon Apple Butter

    Food for the Southern Soul Cinnamon Apple Butter

    You could spend hours laboring in the kitchen – coring apples, waiting as they slow cook throughout the afternoon – in an attempt to resurrect your grandmother’s apple butter recipe. Or, you could turn to a jar of Charleston Favorites Cinnamon Apple Butter for the immediate taste and scent of fall in your kitchen. Rich and creamy, the addition of cinnamon brings a warming spice reminiscent of apple cider and stewed apples to this delectable cinnamon apple butter. The Food for the Southern Soul brand comes from chef and gourmet foods creator Jimmy Hagood. A former insurance advisor, Hagood changed courses to pursue his passion for cooking and sharing Southern food through restaurant businesses, catering, and gourmet snack retail. His brand delivers classic foods and flavors of the Lowcountry, Appalachia, Tidewater, and the Gulf to your table. In addition to the Cinnamon Apple Butter, the Charleston Favorites collection offers other pantry delicacies inspired by the historic city’s renowned culinary traditions. From coarse, stone-ground grits to barbecue sauces and benne wafers, there’s a meal, ingredient, or snack for every occasion. Ways to Love Cinnamon Apple Butter Spread over a sturdy slice of toast or settled into the crannies of an English muffin, this Cinnamon Apple Butter adds instant elevation to any piece of bread. And its utility goes well beyond breakfast. Dress it up for dinner with apple butter-glazed pork chops, Pickled Green Beans, or add it to your favorite hot buttered rum recipe for an autumn-heavy twist.


  • Pickled Green Beans

    Food for the Southern Soul Pickled Green Beans

    Bright, tangy, and crispy enough to eat straight from the jar, pickled green beans are one of the pickling world’s more underrated products. A favorite among Southerners for more than 150 years, pickled green beans deserve to be a staple product in everyone’s pantry. Now, you could invest several days, a week, or longer making them yourself. Or you could twist open a jar of Charleston Favorites Pickled Green Beans for an instant snack, ingredient, cornichon, or however you choose to use it. Jimmy Hagood is the maker behind the Food for the Southern Soul brand, which celebrates (in addition to these Charleston Favorites Pickled Green Beans) the classic foods and flavors from the Lowcountry, Appalachia, Tidewater, and Gulf. Hagood, a former insurance advisor, changed his course to chase a love for sharing Southern food and culinary styles through cooking, the restaurant and catering businesses, and gourmet snack retail. The collection brings regional snacks, treats, and pantry ingredients, from cheese straws to chutneys and barbecue sauces to apple butter, also Cinnamon Apple Butter to tables around the country. Pickled Green Beans Beyond the Jar Your first intention for using Pickled Green Beans may be to incorporate them into salads. They add an excellent, refreshing bite to a dish of leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and olives, sure, but try them beyond the standard green salad. Their vinegar bite balances out a creamy pasta or potato salad, and they brighten a bowl of legumes in bean salads. They also make a wonderful addition as cornichons for a charcuterie or pate plate.


  • Ella's Popcorn Custom 3pk | Savory

    Ella's Popcorn Ella's Popcorn Custom 3pk | Savory

    Ella's Custom 3pk Savory Trio combines all the goodness that the savory Pops can provide mixed and matched in your favorite bundle.


  • Stone Ground Yellow Grits

    Adluh Flour Company Stone Ground Yellow Grits

    True traditional stone ground yellow grits milled in Adluh’s Columbia, South Carolina facilities from local corn. Their grits will be some of the creamiest and most flavorful grits you've ever tasted. 

  • Barcat Shucks (Quart)

    Rappahannock Oyster Co. Barcat Shucks (Quart)

    1 Quart Container - Contains roughly 50 shucked oysters  Rappahannock Oyster Co.'s Barcat Shucks are grown by a co-op of independent watermen from all across the Chesapeake Bay who are bound by a commitment to quality, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.


  • Bourbon Smoked Pepper

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Pepper

    Use Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Pepper as your main seasoning for meats. The pepper is made from quarter cracked Malabar pepper. It’s slowly smoked using old barrel staves–wooden planks of the barrel–that once aged some of Kentucky’s best bourbons. This packs flavors of smoke and bourbon. You will be entranced by the aroma upon opening the tin. The heavenly mix creates a taste that’s pungent, biting, and mouthwatering. The pepper grounds are easy to grind if less texture is wanted. Bourbon Barrel Foods loves the pepper so much that they added it to their Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon. Mix the Bourbon Smoked Pepper into your hamburger meat. Heat from the grill takes it to the next level and releases more of the smokiness of the pepper and infuses it into the meat. Soon, you’ll have the best burgers on the street. Try rubbing or encrusting the streak with it to have a hint of bourbon and smoke in each bite. Or, grind some on top of your eggs for an extra kick to start the day.  Bourbon Smoked Pepper is one of many gourmet items that Bourbon Barrel Food makes. The company was created all because a man wanted to make his own soy sauce that had his favorite things: bourbon and Kentucky pride. Bourbon Barrel Foods owner and creator Matt Jamie created the famous Bluegrass Soy Sauce by directly reclaiming barrels from Kentucky's finest bourbon distilleries to repurpose them as a smoking and aging agent. Jamie went on to use this method in all Bourbon Barrel Foods products as a part of their mission so you can “Eat Your Bourbon.”


  • Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt

    Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt from Bourbon Barrel Foods is a tasty way to add a smoky, bourbon flavor to all foods. The sea salt is solar-evaporated and domestically harvested from the Pacific Ocean resulting in large, pure salt crystals. The crystals are then sent to Louisville, Kentucky. There they slowly smoke the salt by hand by using repurposed white oak bourbon barrels that aged some of Kentucky’s finest bourbons. This lengthy process is well worth the wait for a sea salt that’s versatile for all foods.  Available in three sizes: 0.5-ounce Miniature Tin 5-ounce Tin 18-ounce Food Service Container Use Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt for all of your meats. From steaks to chicken, your meat will have rich, intriguing flavors of bourbon, smoke, and brine. You can even use it in dessert recipes. Add a sprinkle to gooey chocolate chip cookies for the perfect salty-sweet combination. Or, use the sea salt in a caramel sauce for a butterscotch flavor with an unexpected bourbon edge. Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt is a great gift for the cooks and grillers you know. Matt Jamie, the founder of Bourbon Barrel Foods, has the motto, “Eat Your Bourbon!” Find inspiration for ways to use the sea salt in recipes from the Bourbon Barrel Foods “Eat Your Bourbon” cookbook, and file some away to become new family favorites. From cocktails to sides to meals, Jamie has all the bourbon you will need. Experience Kentucky’s signature bourbon notes right in your food. Try the Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt with the company’s other spice-driven products, such as Bourbon Smoked Chili powder, to create the ultimate spice blend.


  • Hubs Peanut Brittle

    Hubs Peanuts Hubs Peanut Brittle

    This 16-ounce vacuum-sealed tin of Hubs Peanut Brittle is made locally, in Virginia, by the Hubbard Peanut Company. This peanut brittle is a must-have for the holidays and year-round. It makes for the perfect gift or sweet snack during the winter months. This Peanut Brittle is a Hubbard family favorite. After harvesting the peanuts, the Hubbards would historically save some extra and made this same brittle recipe for the holidays. Not just anyone can make peanut brittle of this quality. You can also have a taste of their other favorites such as Hubs Honey Kissed Virginia Peanuts. The Hubs workers manually stir the peanuts, mixed with sugars, butter, and extracts, constantly so no part of the brittle is uneven. The workers also make sure that all the brittle stays at the same temperature throughout the process, so no piece is under or overcooked. However, you’ll realize that all of this effort and attention to create this perfect tin of Peanut Brittle is worth it after you try the Brittle for the first time In 1954, Hubs Peanuts was created by Dot and HJ Hubbard when Dot wanted a little extra spending money to help with family expenses. Her father already owned and operated a peanut farm, and she used a family recipe for peanuts from when she was younger to transform them into an irresistible snack. Dot developed so many and unique ways to cook peanuts, that all became standard practice for peanut companies today. The brand and the family of Hubs Peanuts became popular in Virginia and beyond, creating the need for more farmers and thus more customers. Now, over 65 years later, Hubs Peanuts is still doing the same thing, the same way, and has the same delicious taste in every single peanut.



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