Sunflour Baking Company

Sunflour Baking Company Cream Cheese Coffee Cake


Don’t you love the lightly sweet aroma of a freshly baked coffee cake? So, does Sunflour Baking Company! Their cream cheese coffee cake makes a perfectly scrumptious breakfast or a delicious mid-afternoon snack. The moist vanilla crumb cake is so flavorful that they could have stopped there, but they took it to next-level amazing.

They sandwich a thick layer of lightly sweetened cream cheese between the two layers of vanilla coffee cake. While a luscious layer of cream cheese running through two layers of moist crumb cake might seem like you’ve reached Nirvana, they aren’t finished yet.

To truly make this the coffee cake of your dreams, there’s a generous layer of crumbly streusel to give it just the right amount of crunch. It even comes with their delicious house-made fruit compote.

Sunflour Baking Company’s cream cheese coffee cake makes a lovely addition to your next catered breakfast, bridal shower brunch, or a wonderful fresh-baked treat when you have guests and don’t have time to bake yourself.

At Sunflour everything is made from scratch in small batches to capture freshness and authenticity in each order for every customer. Whenever the Sunflour Baking Company team can get their hands on local products, such as flour and dairy, they do. Supporting local vendors and farmers is one the company’s leading pillars.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the family-owned Sunflour Baking Company and their team have served the community and the region since 2009 and expanded to two other locations since. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality of baked goods to their customers in fun, original, efficient ways.

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