Pantry Staples Collection

The Local Palate Marketplace supplies you with endless gourmet foods, specialty ingredients, and Southern snacks from regional small businesses and artisan makers. When it comes to the core ingredients and items every home cook needs in order to bring Southern flavors into their kitchen, the pantry section on Local Palate Marketplace has you covered.


  • Olinda Olive Medley (3-Pack)

    Olinda Olives and Olive Oil Olinda Olive Medley (3-Pack)

    Olinda uses a traditional method of natural brining with pure ingredients, including water, salt, and vinegar, along with then months in the California sunshine. With their Olive Medley, you'll receive three 16-ounce jars of olive heaven. Two jars will be their giant Sevillano pitted, firm, and crunchy olives, while the other will be a combo of Sicilian and Greek whole olives—perfect for any appetizer.



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