Bertie County Peanuts

Bertie County Peanuts: Dill Pickle


Dew Drop Road, near Colerain, North Carolina, is located on the banks of the beautiful Chowan River. Colerain was once a colonial port for ships that carried tobacco, lumber, and dried herrings to England and other countries in Europe. On the return trip, the ships brought textiles and other items we did not yet produce. Among those products were probably dill and other spices. Dill is an herb that is mentioned in writings that are thousands of years old. It was used, along with garlic, for its culinary and medicinal properties.

Back in the day, local farmers delivered their cucumbers to the train depot here in Windsor where the vegetable was stored in brine in large, wooden barrels until needed for processing. Dill pickles became a standard snack in the area and were often served, along with saltine crackers, to children at Easter egg hunts. Americans eat a lot of pickles, eight to nine pounds per person per year, so this is not a new flavor for most of you. But, the combination of Bertie County Peanuts' crunchy Blister Fried Peanuts with the strong flavor of dill and garlic makes a bold statement. 

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