Dirty South Pottery

Cocktail Cup


Handmade with porcelain clay in small-town Kentucky, this cocktail cup is an ideal one-of-a-kind vessel for any libation. Don’t let the name of these little beauties trick you, though. They make the perfect juice, milk, or water cups that are completely functional and microwave and dishwasher safe.

Each of Dirty South Pottery’s creations is thrown by hand and fired on-site in their studio where visitors are encouraged to come to watch the artists and potters at work. Their Cocktail Cups and Stemless Wine Cups are on list orders and orders will usually ship 2-4 weeks after purchase but will be processed as soon as possible so that the creative process can begin.

Please note that because of the distinct one-of-a-kind nature, the exact size of the item and the color of the glaze will vary slightly from the photograph shown. This variation is part of the handmade process and makes each piece completely unique to the individual buyer. If uniformity is important to you, Dirty South Pottery suggests you order all items intending to be made and matched at the same time.

Dirty South Pottery is husband and wife owned and operated in the historic downtown of Winchester, KY. All of their work is designed, created, and fired in electric kilns located in the Dirty South Pottery studio. Their handmade pottery is designed with today’s modern Southerner in mind, and each product serves a wide range of use for the everyday home.

Item is available in glaze color Ocean Jade.

Holds 8-10 ounces

Dimensions: 3.5" wide x 3.5-4" tall

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