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Southern Coffees and Teas to Beat the Chill

  • , by Katherine Reiss

With frigid temperatures across much of the South, the idea of a cold beverage makes us shiver. This is peak hot drink season! Curling up with a warm mug after waking up is one of the best ways to start the morning, and we like to power through the afternoon slump by sipping on a steaming cup containing a delicious concoction. Whether you’re a coffee or tea person or a little bit of both, the Local Palate Marketplace has a variety of roasts and blends to help you ward off the winter chill. 

PJ's Coffee Carnival Blend in single serve cups

If you want to escape to the historic city of New Orleans where rich chicory and pralines are practically a lifestyle, PJ’s Coffee has got you covered. With its coffee roasts inspired by iconic Big Easy flavors, from Southern pecan to king cake, you can be transported to city streets with every sip from the benefit of being in your own home! You can purchase them as bags of coffee beans or in a box of single-serve cups.

2 1-pound bags of New Orleans Roast Creme Brulee Coffee (ground)

New Orleans Roast is similarly inspired by its home in the Crescent City, and in a city where beignets look like they’re covered with snow and scent of fresh pralines fills the air, you can rest assured the coffee roasts follow suit: Start your day on a sweet note with flavors like cinnamon churro, crème brûlée, and bananas foster, and pretend you’re sitting at Brennan's instead of at your desk. 

Daysie Syrups Madagascar Vanilla Flavored Syrup

If you prefer to play barista with your coffee’s flavors, Daysie syrups are a necessity. These organic syrups use simple ingredients to sweeten and add flavor to any hot drink of your choice, while being gluten free, non-GMO, and dairy freethis product is friendly to most sensitivities. 

Peach Sun Tea from Oliver Pluff & Co.

For those of us who like to romanticize our morning routines but aren’t one for caffeine, Oliver Pluff & Co is the perfect match to fill that desire. Its beautiful packaging and elegant blends like passionfruit peach, blackberry, and Southern-style sun tea channel warm, floral flavors directly into your cup (even if it's icy outside).  

Cup of a mocha made with New Orleans Roast coffee

New Orleans Roast Hot Mocha

  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 cup New Orleans Roast Dark Roast and Chicory Roast, hot
  • ¼ cup steamed milk
  • Garnish: whipped cream
  1. To a coffee mug, add cocoa powder, hot coffee, and steamed milk. Stir well, then top with whipped cream.

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