5 Unique Pantry Staples from the South’s Best Makers

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Stock up on these artisanal Southern-made pantry staples.

 Feeling uninspired by your pantry staples? Level-up your supply for the new year while supporting some of the region’s best makers by ordering these Southern-made goods straight to your home. From finishing salt to bourbon barrel-infused honey, these staples boast unique flavors and all-natural ingredients.

J.Q. Dickinson Heirloom Finishing Salt 

J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works’ flagship product, this heirloom finishing salt comes from ancient sea water trapped deep within the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. The solar-evaporated salt has a coarse texture and a delicate crunch. Sprinkle it atop any dish for a flavorful final touch.

Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil

Replace your basic olive oil with Holy Smoke’s cold-smoked alternative. Made in Charleston, this olive oil’s flavor is buttery, peppery, and—of course—smoky. It’s ideal for cooking and offers a simple way to enhance veggies, meats, and more.

Delta Blues Brown Rice 

Delta Blues’ minimally processed brown rice grows in the rich soil of the Mississippi Delta, giving way to a mild, nutty flavor that will complement your favorite rice dishes. Here are a few to try.


Royal Fuzz Bee Co. Bourbon Barrel Honey 

Made by fuzzy bees in the hills outside Birmingham, Alabama, Royal Fuzz Bee Co.’s honey is raw and all-natural. Their Bourbon Barrel Honey is rich and dark, with notes of oak, caramel, vanilla, and bourbon. We recommend drizzling it over toast with a generous helping of Georgia Grinders' peanut butter.

Olde Virden's Red Hot Fine Grind 

Chris Virden created his Red Hot Sprinkle as an elevated alternative to standard red pepper flakes. A 100-percent chili pepper blend, Olde Virden’s Red Hot Fine Grind is the same spicy seasoning in powder form, so it’s even more versatile than the original. Old Virden’s seasonings are hand-blended in small batches and are free of additives, preservatives, and sodium.
Looking for more pantry staples? Browse our selection here.

Written by Daniela Johnson


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